First Look at ‘The Dark Knight’ Official DVD / Blu-ray Covers and Details!

Get your first look at the official details of the upcoming Batman release, plus see the sell-sheets and box covers!
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Be the first to own the biggest film of 2008 when The Dark Knight takes the world by storm on Blu-ray and DVD this December 9th from Warner Home Video. The highly-anticipated sequel to Batman Begins, the blockbuster action hit The Dark Knight from acclaimed director Christopher Nolan has become an instant must-own classic.

The Dark Knight comes from Academy Award® nominated filmmaker Christopher Nolan (The Prestige, Memento), and features commanding performances from Christian Bale (3:10 to Yuma, The Prestige), Academy Award® Winner Michael Caine (The Cider House Rules, Children of Men), Academy Award® Nominee Heath Ledger (Brokeback Mountain), Gary Oldman (Hannibal, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), Aaron Eckhart (Thank You For Smoking, No Reservations), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Stranger Than Fiction, World Trade Center) and Academy Award® Winner Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby, Wanted).

The Dark Knight marks the first time that a major feature film has been shot in part using IMAX® cameras, marking a revolutionary integration of film formats. The Dark Knight Blu-ray disc takes advantage of the marriage of IMAX® and 35mm formats by using the hybrid master to replicate the unique theatrical experience. The IMAX scenes are also included on the 2-disc Special Edition as bonus materials.

In addition, the Blu-ray disc also includes Warner Bros. BD-Live™, which allows users with web-enabled Blu-ray players to access exciting additional content and connect and share with other BD-Live users.

The Dark Knight will be available on Single Disc for $28.98 SRP in widescreen and full-screen formats. The 2-Disc Special Edition DVD will be available in widescreen format for $34.99 SRP and the Blu-ray Disc will be available for $35.99 SRP


The follow-up to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight reunites director Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale, who reprises the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in his continuing war on crime. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to destroy organized crime in Gotham for good. The triumvirate proves effective, but soon find themselves prey to a rising criminal mastermind known as The Joker, who thrusts Gotham into anarchy and forces Batman closer to crossing the fine line between hero and vigilante. Heath Ledger stars as archvillain The Joker, and Aaron Eckhart plays Dent. Maggie Gyllenhaal joins the cast as Rachel Dawes. Returning from Batman Begins are Gary Oldman as Gordon, Michael Caine as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox.


2-Disc Special Edition:

Gotham Uncovered – How Christopher Nolan and his team developed the new Bat-suit and Bat-pod and composer Hans Zimmer musically characterized The Joker’s reign of chaos.

The Dark Knight IMAX® Scenes - View these 6 action-packed sequences - shot on the largest format possible - in their original IMAX framing, just as they were intended

Gotham Tonight - 6 episodes of Gotham Cable’s premier news program

The Galleries: Poster art and production stills

Digital Copy of the Feature Film

Blu-ray Disc:

Disc 1 – Movie with Focus Points

Gotham Uncovered: Creation of a Scene – Director Christopher Nolan and creative collaborators unmask the incredible detail and planning behind the film, including stunt staging, filming in IMAX®, and the new Bat-suit and Bat-pod.

Disc 2 – Special Features

Batman Tech – The incredible gadgets and tools (in HD)

Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of The Dark Knight – Delve into the psyche of Bruce Wayne and the world of Batman through real-world psychotherapy (in HD)

Gotham Tonight – 6 episodes of Gotham Cable’s premier news program

The Galleries – The Joker cards, concept art, poster art, production stills, trailers and TV spots

Digital Copy of the Feature Film. Dark Knight On Blu-ray Dark Knight On Blu-ray Dark Knight On Blu-ray Back Cover Dark Knight On DVD Dark Knight On DVD Dark Knight On DVD Back Cover Dark Knight Blu-ray Sell Sheet Dark Knight DVD Sell Sheet

The Dark Knight was released July 18th, 2008.

Sources: Warner Bros. Home Video

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  • cubsrock90 • 7 years ago

    does anyone else think the motorbike on the cover looks like Pink Floyd's Welcome to the Machine?


    • slysnide • 7 years ago

      It means that you can upload the movie to your PC, iPod, Mac, or other media. A disc and code is required to do so. Pretty much useless unless you like watching films on the go. They're included on most blockbusters now as an excuse to make fans pay more money for a 3 disc set instead of the standard 2.

      Moreso, the special features of the film will all be on Disc 1, since Disc 2 is the Digital Copy. If that wasn't true, then the distributor would be required to state that it's actually a 3-Disc set, despite that only 2 of the 3 discs will work in a DVD player.


      • pb-brawl • 7 years ago

        What does digital copy mean?


        • slysnide • 7 years ago

          well said.


          • mad-max-67878820 • 7 years ago

            jamesisnotright. Stop flooding our website with your rhetoric sh*t you damn spammer!


            • slysnide • 7 years ago

              LankStun: I agree! That's be more mainstream and creative instead of going with the posters. Though they did the same for both versions of "Begins." And I didn't care for that cover either. But at least these ones are better.


              • tpoj • 7 years ago

                BLU-RAY...THE DARK KNIGHT...IMAX PRESENTATION AGAIN IN JANUARY...Dammit! I can't this film out of my mind!!!


                • lankstun • 7 years ago

                  I think they should put Batman, Joker, Two Face, and Gorden on the cover

                  does anyone agree?


                  • zanyzap • 7 years ago

                    I'm going to go with Beebs on the "Digital Copy" thing (Thanks by the way) I'm guessing it will just be a card with an activation code like he said. If not and its on the other disc, I don't see anything to get up tight about. its still a great movie with great features.


                    • space101 • 7 years ago


                      Though news on a possible sequel has been limited, according to a Wall Street Journal article from August 22, 2008, a third Batman film is one of the four main focuses of Warner Brothers over the next three years. The article is based on information from Warner Brothers Pictures Group president Jeff Robinov.[25]

                      Nolan is not committed to another sequel, explaining that he does not normally line up projects after completing a film.


                      • requiemamad • 7 years ago

                        So there is no "deleted or extended scenes" or "commentaries"...?...


                        • ghettokid • 7 years ago

                          STILL AWESOME.


                          • comicbookfan • 7 years ago

                            I'll wait for the official word nearing Dec 9. FYE will helm the only Steelbook edition, with the 2-discs, I'm sure. As for now, I'll be enjoying Iron Man 2-disc while I wait for December!


                            • mcleve02 • 7 years ago

                              freaking awesome cant wait


                              • physco-123 • 7 years ago

                                Sweet just plain sweet.


                                • ringwraither • 7 years ago

                                  The 2 disc special edition looks awesome


                                  • slysnide • 7 years ago

                                    Go to and search for "The Dark Knight" and they'll show the artwork for the single disc edition front & back cover. There was no code for me to paste it to my profile


                                    • slysnide • 7 years ago

                                      That's funny Rufio. You're right by the way. All those extra cuts are just marketing tools to get consumers to spend extra money. The prime example of this I believe is the "Alien Director's Cut" in which Ridley Scott wrote a note that was pasted in the flipbook that he preferred the original version over the so called "director's cut" and even wrote that it WAS for marketing reasons.

                                      Same with the "Unrated" bs. At least those ones come out first instead of being rereleases years later. Not that I'd buy it for that reason, but most of the time, they don't rip off the consumer by holding out on those, despite that "unrated" versions literally only feature uncensored deleted scenes, and a few extra shots that the MPAA make them cut from the film itself. Virtually no difference.

                                      And the steelbook story broke last month, so it is plausible. I agree with Beebs though, since this is a Warner Brothers released story, but they too confirmed on their website that this wasn't ALL the special features on the DVD release. Plus, a rumored 3-disc set supposedly has the digital copy. But that I read on 1 site that I can't recall at the moment.


                                      • comicbookfan • 7 years ago

                                        Alright, that makes sense. Yet susp*ciously, guys, the Steelbook is still not listed here, as it wasn't with Iron Man, I take it that is probably becuz it will be exclusive to FYE / Transworld. I have the Steelbooks of The Dark Knight and Iron Man pre-ordered.

                                        Also I did hear that they were still gonna add other extras, besides these...??? Like deciding what to do with the Heath Ledger footage..? So if they keep these back covers which list the features, then, no Ledger tribute..? Oh what a great way to honor his role as the legendary villain and his death.


                                        • rufio • 7 years ago

                                          this will be in my bluray player December 9th! I don't like the coverart (rather it be a darker cover or non-action oriented), but the content is far more valuable.

                                          I agree slysnide... i hope the digital copy doesn't take up the entire disc. this is one of the few movies that i cannot wait to see ALL the extras! the more, the better (though I don't intend on buying more copies of the same film to get them... like Lord of the Rings and other films releasing Director Cuts, Super DIrector Cuts, "The Cuts the Director Didn't Want you to see" Cuts, etc.)!!!


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