First ‘Up’ Trailer Arrives

Here's your first look at the latest Pixar film.
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Trailer Addict has just posted the first trailer from Pixar's latest film, Up, which rises up to theaters on May 29, 2009. Click below for your first look into this film about a man, a house and a lot of balloons.

A coming-of-old-age story about a seventy-something guy who lives in a house that "looks like your grandparents' house smelled." He befriends a clueless young Wilderness Ranger and gets into lots of alter kocker altercations. Says Pixar: "Our hero travels the globe, fights beasts and villains and eats dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon."

Up was released May 29th, 2009.

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  • diaigma • 7 years ago

    I think I can say that Disney "has no good movies", Fountain, and I will, just because you brought it up.

    Hate to burst your bubble, but check this out.

    Notice under the Production Companies (production means that they are the ones who MAKE the movie). Pixar is alone, all by itself. Notice the Distributors. All DISNEY(Buena Vista). Disney did not help make it or ANY Pixar film! They just distribute it. So, Disney puts up the money to distribute the film, and therefore gets to slap its label on it and gets credit (and money) for something it didn't make. Good job for missing that one, Fountain.

    Oh, Disney does have great movies, but not recently. Aside from Enchanted, New Groove, and maybe Tarzan, nothing really fantastic has come out since Lion King. Common...Bolt? is that the best they got? It's been done before. The Italian accented pigeons are copying Animaniacs BIG TIME. Before you go telling me what I can't say, keep in mind that I grew up next to Disney studios. WB was my backyard. There are politics in Hollywood, believe it or not. Disney (today) is a pop culture crook who banks on hype, teenie bops, and reselling their classics...over, and over, and over again, not to mention crappy direct to DVD sequels.

    They mimic material and methods from Dreamworks and Pixar all the time now. Dreamworks comes out with Madagascar, right? In the same year, Disney comes out with The animals in New York who leave the Zoo. Well, they did make it a "dad looking for his son" movie instead of having an island adventure, oh, wait a minute... a "dad looking for his son" movie? That sounds like Finding Nemo, doesn't it?

    I have plenty, plenty more


    Pixar is great. Have an enlightened day :)


    • gaj1992 • 7 years ago

      well still you can't say that disney has no good movies, + it is amazing that fact that it is a DISNEY PIXAR movie, not only pixar movie, it's both of them if you like it or not, and yeah... go disney and pixar.

      anyways, it is going to be a great movie though, if it was pixar or disney that makes it, but them BLENDING together, Oh no that;s a masterpiece.


      • shadowsc • 7 years ago

        looks ok I want the Incredibles 2!!!! and yeah Toy Story 3.


        • diaigma • 7 years ago

          Looks like fun. Pixar is amazing...but keep in mind that Disney has the distributing rights only, Yeahbut. Don't EVER give Disney credit for a Pixar film. It's a modern day heresy.


          • theboywhocriedsequel • 7 years ago

            Cant go wrong with a Disney Pixar Movie


            • daffy • 7 years ago

              Pixar keeps amazing me everytime.


              • thebd • 7 years ago

                seriously, how can any of u not just love these movies. every pixar movie has been simply astounding, whether visually or plot wise, each one is just awesome. yeah they r kid movies but they r well made, well developed and carefully constructed stories that apply to all ages. this one looks just as good.


                • ridgl • 7 years ago

                  hopefully it will get better

                  no charm that finding nemo, ratatouille, or the incredibles (my personal favorite teaser) had in a teaser. Hopefully it will gett better


                  • moviemaniack1993 • 7 years ago

                    Calm down cwalat. Toy Story 3 is coming soon enough. And these are not crap movies. They have all been rated very high and are all incredible. Although I believe Wall-E to be their best yet.


                    • cwalat • 7 years ago


                      after all these years...

                      and still no toy story 3???

                      WTF PIXAR!

                      why do you come up with these new sh*tty ideas for movies?

                      just stikk to what you do good..


                      now bring me fukking Toy Story 3!


                      • cnote • 7 years ago

                        Looks like another lame story, like Wall-e


                        • space101 • 7 years ago

                          That scout kid made me laugh lol


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