SundanceNow has provided us with five clips from About Cherry, currently available on VOD formats (SundanceNow, Amazon, iTunes, PS3) before its theatrical debut September 21. Ashley Hinshaw stars as a young woman who leaves home after graduating high school, and gets sucked into the San Francisco underworld of adult entertainment. Take a look at new footage from this IFC Films drama, also starring James Franco, Heather Graham, Dev Patel, Lili Taylor, and Jonny Weston

<em>About Cherry</em> Photo 1

<em>About Cherry</em> Photo 2

<em>About Cherry</em> Photo 3

<em>About Cherry</em> Photo 4

<em>About Cherry</em> Photo 5

<em>About Cherry</em> Photo 6

<em>About Cherry</em> Photo 7

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