Five Turbo Photos

David Soren directs this animated comedy about a snail whose racing dreams come true after a freak accident makes him inexplicably fast.
BYBrian Gallagher | January 30th, 2013
Five Turbo Photos

DreamWorks Animation has unveiled five new photos from Turbo, director David Soren's new comedy that proves dreams can come true, even if you are a snail. Ryan Reynolds lends his voice to the title character, a snail who has dreams of overcoming his slow nature to race in the Indianapolis 500. His prayers are answered when he is given unbelievable speed after a freak accident, and he assembles a "pit crew" of sorts to make his way to the big race. Take a look at these photos featuring Turbo and a few of his other snail friends.

Turbo Photo 1

Turbo Photo 2

Turbo Photo 3

Turbo Photo 4

Turbo Photo 5

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