On behalf of Relativity Media, we are pleased to announce the release of Back in Time, the first song off the Relativity Music Group soundtrack for the upcoming animated film Free Birds. Ten-year-old rapper and YouTube sensation MattyB, recently named one of Billboard.com's "21 Under 21", has just released the single on his YouTube Channel. Look out for the full Free Birds soundtrack on October 29th, before the movie hits theaters nationwide on November 1st!

Turkeys go Back in Time

In case you missed it, we also have four new character posters from Free Birds with Jake (Woody Harrelson), Reggie (Owen Wilson), Jenny (Amy Poehler) and the Tuff Puffs.

<em>Free Birds</em> Character Poster 1

<em>Free Birds</em> Character Poster 2

<em>Free Birds</em> Character Poster 3

<em>Free Birds</em> Character Poster 4