‘Frozen’ Character Posters Introduce Elsa and Anna

Kristen Bell lends her voice to Anna, a mountain climber seeking Idina Menzel's Elsa the Snow Queen in this animated adventure.
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‘Frozen’ Character Posters Introduce Elsa and Anna

Arriving in theaters November 27 is Frozen, Walt Disney Pictures' latest animated adventure that will take moviegoers on a journey through some torrid terrain. Kristen Bell stars as Anna, a young adventurer who travels to find her sister, Elsa the Snow Queen (Idina Menzel), in the hopes that she will bring an end to the perpetual winter climate. Today, we have two character posters that give us a better look at these characters from this frigid tale, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee.

Frozen Elsa Character Poster

Frozen Anna Character Poster

Frozen was released November 27th, 2013.

Sources: Cine1

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  • bawnian-dexeus • 2 years ago

    @thomasclarke I would love for 2D animation to return, but the studios will only work with what they can cash in on (3D). They proved the art isn't dead with Princess and the Frog, but that was a lucky chance.


    • thomasclarke • 2 years ago

      @ROFLitschristian the character designs are more similar to tangled than wreck it Ralph, so it was stand as a sequel in sorts no doubt this is good but do you not hope Disney might return to traditional animation. Maybe with a great story not like the poor in comparison films in this genre. Just wondering :)


      • ROFLitschristian • 2 years ago

        Hey, Disney. I get it. Ice is blue in cartoons. Don't beat me over the head with it.

        Either way, I rather like the character designs.


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