Game of Thrones 22-Minute Season 1 Recap Featurette

We also have a Season 2 photo gallery for the return of HBO's hit fantasy series.
BYBrian Gallagher | March 23rd, 2012

Watch a 22-minute Game of Thrones featurette at TVWeb HBO has released a 22-minute featurette and a new photo gallery for Game of Thrones, which kicks off Season 2 Sunday, April 1 at 9 PM ET with Episode 2.01 "The North Remembers". If you haven't quite caught up with Season 1 of this critically-acclaimed series, the featurette gives you a comprehensive recap, plus a sneak peek at upcoming episodes.

Visit TVWeb to explore the dangerous land of Westeros with this Game of Thrones featurette and photo gallery, CLICK HERE.

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