Gary Oldman Joins ‘A Christmas Carol’

Jim Carrey is starring in this Robert Zemeckis performance capture film.
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Gary Oldman Joins ‘A Christmas Carol’

No one was supposed to know that Jim Carrey was gearing up to star in Robert Zemeckis' upcoming motion capture adaptation of A Christmas Carol. But Bob Hoskins let the cat out of the bag while he was doing interviews on a recent red carpet. Or was it Christopher Lloyd? We're really not sure. It's hard to keep up with these rumors.

Anyway, Moviehole has it on good authority that Gary Oldman has now joined the cast of the film. Like Carrey, he will be playing multiple characters.

At this time, we know that Carrey will be playing Ebenezer Scrooge as well as all three ghosts that come to visit him. We do not know which characters Oldman will be playing. But we can tell you that it is indeed going to be shot in 3-D!

The film is slated for release in 2009.

Disney's a Christmas Carol was released November 6th, 2009.


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  • kaya • 8 years ago

    I wonder if Zemeckis will ever return to live action.


    • mavinx • 8 years ago

      Thats why I hadnt seen him lately. I've never seen a Harry Potter movie.


      • mikeyv1 • 8 years ago

        good cast so far cant wait. even Michael J fox is in this. cool!


        • 2movieguys • 8 years ago

          This sounds really cool, esp the fact it's in 3-D!!

          I also heard a rumor that Stevie Nicks will be playing 1 of the ghosts, &/Or that she will record new music for th soundtrack!

          Gary Oldman is a really cool actor to boot! "Sid and Nancy" is 1 of my all time fav Gary Oldman films!!

          To MaViNxSirius Mr oldman was Sirius Black in the Harry Potter films incld the last 1, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"111


          • the-kwisatz-haderach • 8 years ago

            Oldman rocks one of my fav actors, the guy is awesome!


            • mcleve02 • 8 years ago

              this sounds really cool. and Batman Begins. And he is all over the internet because he is also playing in The Dark Knight. This will be a good film and a scrooge movie we can enjoy.


              • otnemem23 • 8 years ago

                gary oldman was just in the harry potter movies not that long ago


                • mavinx • 8 years ago

                  I thought Gary Oldman was dead. I think I even saw him on that tribute the Oscar has every year. Until now I see that I was mistaken, I hadnt seen him around anymore.

                  A Christmas Carol in 3-D, damn it.


                  • ethlenn • 8 years ago

                    I'm not a fan of Christmas movies, but this one time I will look forward to see it.


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