GIVEAWAY: Win Prizes from ‘Lone Survivor’

We're giving away a headmaster cap and t-shirt from this true-story adaptation. Marcus Luttrell's tale of survival expands nationwide January 10th.
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GIVEAWAY: Win Prizes from ‘Lone Survivor’

After a successful release in limited theaters, Universal Pictures' Lone Survivor expands nationwide starting January 10. Based on Marcus Luttrell's book, this adaptation tells the true story of how four Navy SEALS (Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster) were ambushed behind enemy lines in Afghanistan during a covert mission that went awry. In honor of this harrowing tale of survival, we have a contest lined up where our readers can win a headmaster khaki cap and a t-shirt. These prizes will be gone before you know it, so take a look at how you can win.

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Lone Survivor Hat Photo 2

Lone Survivor T-Shirt Photo

Winners Receive:


Just "Like" (fan) the Facebook page (below) and then leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

If you already "Like" , just leave a comment below telling us why these prizes must be yours!

Based on The New York Times bestselling true story of heroism, courage and survival, Lone Survivor tells the incredible tale of four Navy SEALs on a covert mission to neutralize a high-level al-Qaeda operative who are ambushed by the enemy in the mountains of Afghanistan. Faced with an impossible moral decision, the small band is isolated from help and surrounded by a much larger force of Taliban ready for war. As they confront unthinkable odds together, the four men find reserves of strength and resilience as they stay in the fight to the finish.

Mark Wahlberg stars as Marcus Luttrell, the author of the first-person memoir Lone Survivor, whose book has become a motivational resource for its lessons on how the power of the human spirit is tested when we are pushed beyond our mental and physical limits. Starring alongside Wahlberg as the other members of the SEAL team are Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster.

Lone Survivor was released December 27th, 2013.

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  • kathryn313 • 2 years ago

    One of my friends on Facebook said this is the BEST movie she has ever seen... Wearing these items would be a great tribute to all those involved in this horrid part of American history.


    • elizabeth-elliott • 2 years ago

      Nice hat!!


      • Tim-Burns-10797073 • 2 years ago

        Looking forwards to seeing this movie!


        • Georgia-Hatheway-Beckman • 2 years ago

          These MUST be mine because I think our entire family has to be the biggest Mark Wahlberg fans E.V.E.R! Cannot wait to see this one!


          • Tina-Krauss • 2 years ago

            another movie we won't get. and i could use a t-shirt.


            • Anastasia-Falling • 2 years ago

              Very cool :) This movie looks great an it's nice to have swag to remember it by :)


              • Jeffery-Howard-White • 2 years ago

                taking a bunch of friends to see this movie friday night and would love to win this sweepstakes


                • parkerozgood • 2 years ago

                  Mark Wahlberg has never let me down and the story is very compelling. Thanks for the chance


                  • Kenneth-Pereira • 2 years ago

                    These sizes must be mine because I want to be a lone survivor.


                    • rachel-crisman • 2 years ago

                      I want to see this movie and I want to win this stuff for my brother in law who is in the's so him


                      • Bernie-Wallace • 2 years ago

                        I would like to win this because I am a lone wolf and I need a new t-shirt.


                        • vix420 • 2 years ago

                          I would love to win this! I'm a big fan of this movie and would love the shirt for myself and the hat for my brother! Thank you for the opportunity! :)


                          • nicoleoeo • 2 years ago

                            Can't wait to see this! And that shirt looks really comfy!


                            • Tytis-James • 2 years ago

                              Its a fantastic film, so realistic. Best film to start off the new year! besides who wouldn't want to pay homage to all those that actually gave their lives in this moving true story?


                              • 2movieguys • 2 years ago

                                not feeling this film...


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