‘Godzilla’ Trailer Release Date Announced?

Legendary Pictures teases the debut of their first trailer for the return of this iconic monster. Will we actually get to see ‘Godzilla’, though?
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‘Godzilla’ Trailer Release Date Announced?

The Godzilla trailer is unarguably on of the most anticipated bits of marketing awaited by movie fans literally across the globe. From Corvallis, Oregon to the Pacific coast of Honshu in Japan. Today, Legendary Pictures has teased the first teaser, dropping a trailer release date on Godzillamovie's Twitter. (Though, it must be noted, this has not yet been confirmed by the studio in an official press release yet.)

Kaiju and Gojira fans will unite on November 13, just before the Thanksgiving holiday, to find out whether or not director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) has done this iconic monster proud. The film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche and Ken Watanabe in what promises to be one of the biggest sci-fi spectacles of summer 2014.

Will we see Godzilla himself in this first footage? Its very likely, as the original Japanese Kaiju was teased extensively at Comic-Con this past summer. Since that footage was first shown to a select group of individuals, fan art has immerged that teases what we can expect from this upcoming thriller. Take a look at what the new Godzilla looks like as interpreted by some of the character's biggest admires who were in San Diego, the first created by artist Sean Sumagaysay, and the second from Alex Francis.

Godzilla Fan Art 1

Godzilla Fan Art 2

Godzilla was released May 16th, 2014.

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