Grabbers Trailer

This Irish horror comedy finds a group of islanders having to stay drunk in order to stave off an alien invasion.
BYB. Alan Orange | July 16th, 2012
Grabbers Trailer

Only from Ireland would we get a smashed alien invasion movie that requires its entire cast to stay drunk in order to survive. That's the premises behind Grabbers, which finds a black tentacled beastie descending upon Erin Island only to find that humans are poisonous to eat when they are soused on the good stuff. Grabbers looks like a lot of fun, so check out the trailer! We also have a couple of stills!

Grabbers 1

Grabbers 2

Grabbers 3

Grabbers 4

Grabbers 5

Grabbers 6

Grabbers 7

Grabbers will be in Irish theaters on August 10th. At this time, it has no U.S. release date.

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