‘Green Lantern’ Villain Parallax Revealed!

This scary space creature from the DC Comics adaptation makes its debut in an upcoming issue of ‘The Green Lantern’.
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The Daily Blam was sent the first image of the villain Parallax from the upcoming superhero adventure Green Lantern, which arrives in theaters nationwide on June 17. Take a look at the photo below, plus read on for more information about where this artwork came from:

Green Lantern Parallax Photo

This image apparently comes from one of the future issues of the new Green Lantern comic book, which is offering a sneak peek at the villain. It wasn't stated when this particular issue would be released in stores, but here's a description of the Parallax character:

"An ancient horror, Parallax the living embodiment of fear, a demonic parasitic entity which would travel from world to world, causing entire societies to destroy themselves out of fear and paranoia. It is known to ravage planets and strike terror into the hearts of even the Guardians of the Universe."

Green Lantern was released June 17th, 2011.

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  • Monkey-iron • 5 years ago

    whos parallax


    • emmytt • 5 years ago

      what the hell


      • jayaottley • 5 years ago

        From what i've read and understand, I'm not a GL fan btw, but Martin Campbell stated that this first installment of the trilogy is how Sinestro becomes Sinestro, etc.

        And something about Hector Hammond which i cant quite fullly remember, it was n MW ages ago


        • vampire2000 • 5 years ago

          Pretty cool. Can't wait to see it in action.


          • asif • 5 years ago



            • narrator • 5 years ago

              Why does the article subtitle on the page say that it's the villains debut in the comics.. Parallax has been around for quite a while MW. Either it was some typo, or you didn't do your homework.

              Anyways, this definitely looks accurate, and I am looking forward to seeing it on film. However, I would have saved it for a sequel, preferably with Jordon going rouge and being merged with the specter and Parallax.


              • comicbookfan • 5 years ago

                @Insert That sure does look accurate.

                @Diaigma Parallax was the entity that embodied Hal Jordan and made him destroy himself and the entire Green Lantern Corps, if I am remembering correctly. Recently in comics, they just brought Hal Jordan back and said he was infected by Parallax when he did that, so as to redeem the character and not have had him been a Lantern that went crazy and destroyed them all. LOL. I know that's a bit confusing... Some GL fans may be confused also, as to why Parallax is the villain in the first movie, instead of SInestro. Leading some of us to think that something is either going to happen to Hal or the Corps.


                • diaigma • 5 years ago

                  Haven't a clue what Parallax is, but it sounds good to me :P


                  • insertusernamehere • 5 years ago

                    Looks accurate.


                    • Superman2099 • 5 years ago

                      Does anyone here read the Frackin' Comics? It looks just like Parralax from the Sinestro Corps War. I'm all for it, GL is looking fantastic


                      • summit10 • 5 years ago

                        @Ninja Hero: origin of fear, source of Sinestro's power(yellow), imprisoned by the Guardians in Oa's battery.

                        @Saints 18: i agree, but let's see it might be cheesy and ruin the film...lets hope not!


                        • nightwing18 • 5 years ago

                          holy sh*t that thing is scary


                          • blueborg17 • 5 years ago

                            Who's Parallax


                            • the-movieghost • 5 years ago

                              Looks cool.

                              Hopefully they can refine this Film enough, or do whatever is needed to make this Film not so... cheesy, I guess.


                              • saints18 • 5 years ago

                                I saw the trailer for this movie when I went to see Harry Potter and I would have to say this movie looked a whole lot cheesier on the screen then it did when I viewed on the PC. This movie does not look good at all. It has a Fantastic Four feel to it and that doesnt bold well for me. I might have to downgrade this to a rental. Not going to waste my money on this. I guarantee 32% on rottentomatoes.com. Just my opinion!


                                • ejk1 • 5 years ago

                                  If Parallax is the main villain, then I'd like to know how Hector Hammond is going to fit in.


                                  • gandoff • 5 years ago

                                    OK, it looks kool, but how can you go so far from who the main villian is in the begining of Green Lanterns Hal Jordan thenn this? I didn't expect the full on story done, like the animation origin movie did, couse there is so much tech and world travel and special effects already needed for what is done, it would be like having spiderman, iron man, and the xmen all fighting at the same time on screen using their powers aginst their villians also using their powers for 75 mins of a 110 min movie. That would rock,,,,, but costly compared to this...


                                    • thedude-abides • 5 years ago

                                      @Dethklokx7: Love the Bill Paxton ALIENS quote.

                                      On a lighter note, the killer grasshopper should fit in fine with all the other ridiculous looking sh*t in this movie. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have 24 hours to try and stop this thing from leaving Manhattan or else Earth as we know it will be destroyed.


                                      • mosorwvlad • 5 years ago

                                        How big is this thing ?It is known to ravage planets and strike terror into the hearts of even the Guardians of the Universe.


                                        • myluckyday • 5 years ago

                                          Looks like one of the parasites from Cloverfield. Looks awesome, though.


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