'Halloween' News

EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: The Halloween Cast and Crew Speak!

We sit down with Rob Zombie, Tyler Mane & Daeg Faerch, Malcolm McDowell, Scout Taylor-Compton and Sheri Moon Zombie!

Brian B.

Watch 5 New Halloween Clips!

Check out all-new video with lots of cool new footage.

B. Alan Orange

CONTEST: Win the Halloween Soundtrack!

Own a piece of Rob Zombie's horrific take on an American classic.

Evan Jacobs

Watch the Second Halloween Trailer!

We have the all-new video with lots of cool new footage.

Watch the First Halloween TV Spot!

See footage from Rob Zombie's remake.

B. Alan Orange

COMIC-CON 2007: Listen to Rob Zombie's Halloween Panel!

Put your ears on the creators behind the upcoming Halloween remake.

Brian B.

COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE: Ken Foree Talks Halloween!

Actor says he is also playing Teen Wolf's dad in remake.

B. Alan Orange

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Zombie Is Ready to Celebrate Halloween

The visionary genius discusses the perils of remaking a classic.

B. Alan Orange

Halloween to Be Re-released on August 14

New release features "glowing" jack-o-lantern eyes and nose artwork.

Evan Jacobs

The Official Halloween Remake Poster Is Here!

Get your first look at the one-sheet for the upcoming Rob Zombie directed flick.

Brian B.

Rob Zombie's Halloween Official Website Launched

Including a full-length theatrical trailer.

Malcolm McDowell Talks Halloween!

Don't expect your parents' Dr. Loomis.

Evan Jacobs

Rob Zombie Answers Fan Questions About Halloween

Will Jamie Lee Curtis make a cameo, any CGI used, are sequels in development,...?

Rob Zombie's Halloween Update!

Casting news and when the trailer will premiere.

Danielle Harris on the Halloween Remake

"It's like watching an A&E Biography on what it's like to become a serial killer".

On the Set of Rob Zombie's Halloween Remake

The movie does not follow the original script.

Mickey Dolenz Joins the Cast of Halloween

Rob Zombie isn't Monkeying around!

Your First Look at Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween

Five images including Michael Myers as a child and an adult, plus Dr. Loomis and Lauri Strode.

Richard Fancy Joins the Cast of Halloween

Will play Dean Carpentar in Rob Zombie's update to the horror classic.

Four More Join Rob Zombie's Halloween

The horror remake slashes into theatres this August!