'Halloween' News

Halloween Casting News

Four new actors added to the roster; Laurie Strode character has been cast!

Brian B.

Sybil Danning Joins the Cast of Halloween

Playing the role of Dr. Loomis' wife.

Five More Actors Join the cast of Rob Zombie's Halloween

Adrienne Barbeau, Clint Howard, Courtney Gains, Bard Dourif and Daryl Sabara.

Danielle Harris Joins the Cast of Rob Zombie's Halloween

Playing the role of Annie Brackett.

Seven Actors Join Rob Zombie's Halloween

Including several The Devil's Rejects alumni!

Pat Skipper Joins the Cast of Halloween

Rob Zombie revealed that the actor will portray Mason Strode.

Danielle Harris Joins the Cast Rob Zombie's Halloween?

Played Michael Myers' niece in Halloween 4 & 5.

Tyler Mane is Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's Halloween Remake

The horror director fills the shoes of the legendary movie maniac.

Brian B.

Rob Zombie Casts Dr. Loomis in Halloween

The upcoming remake starts pre-production.

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Daeg Faerch to Play a Young Michael Myers in the Next Halloween Movie

The Freak Show star lands the role in Rob Zombie's film.

Synopsis and Casting Breakdown for Rob Zombie's Halloween!

Filming begins January 29 on next Michael Myers slasher flick.

Rob Zombie On His Halloween Remake

The heavy-metal-rocker / filmmaker gives his thoughts about the franchise.

Rob Zombie Talks About Halloween Remake On MTV Starting October 26th

The director will his plans about his upcoming remake of the classic horror film on MTV "Overdrive."

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Original Halloween Returning to Theatres on October 30 & 31

Digitally remastered shown in Hi-Def, plus 20-Minute featurette with Rob Zombie.

HALLOWEEN: Mushy’s Ten Halloween Flicks He Would Take to a Zombie Infested Deserted Island!

Mushy talks about the 10 Halloween movies he watches every year!

Evan Jacobs

'Helloween' rumors debunked?

...the Halloween producer shoots down the rumors...

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HALLOWEEN 25th Aniversary Edition

Criterion's laserdisc commentary track included...and more...

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Anchor Bay's HALLOWEN DVD releases!

Halloween and Silent Night Deadly Night parts 1 & 2...

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