Hannibal the Conqueror May Finally Move Forward with Vin Diesel

The actor reveals that an unnamed studio executive wants to make all three movies in his proposed trilogy.
BYBrian Gallagher | December 21st, 2012
Hannibal the Conqueror May Finally Move Forward with Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel's Hannibal the Conqueror project may finally happen Actor Vin Diesel has long dreamed of making his directorial debut with Hannibal the Conqueror, the first in a trilogy that follows the famed Carthaginian leader Hannibal Barca. Today, the actor posted a message on his Facebook page that has since been deleted, where he revealed the project may finally see the light of day.

"When a dream is born in your childhood. When you spend a decade daring to pursue it... The day, a head of a studio says... 'I want to make all three films of your Hannibal trilogy!' Haha... It takes a minute to sink in... Shhhhh... it's still sinking in."

The plan has always been for Vin Diesel to star as Hannibal Barca, the famed general who lead his army across the mountains to attack Rome in 3rd Century B.C. Back in 2006, BET gave the green light for a six-episode animated TV series, which Vin Diesel would have executive produced, along with voicing the title character. That project never saw the light of day, but it seems Hannibal the Conqueror might be on its way.

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