HBO Developing Mike Tyson Boxing Drama ‘Da Brick’

Spike Lee will direct the Newark, N.J.-set pilot, which is loosely based on the former heavyweight boxing champion's early career.
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HBO Developing Mike Tyson Boxing Drama ‘Da Brick’

Mike Tyson Boxing Drama coming to HBO HBO and director Spike Lee are teaming up for Da Brick, a boxing drama pilot loosely based on former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson's early career.

The project comes from Mike Tyson, Spike Lee, John Ridley, and Entourage creator Doug Ellin.

Spike Lee is directing the pilot from a script by John Ridley. Da Brick will center on aspects of Mike Tyson's upbringing.

The series will be set in Newark, N.J., which is often dubbed "Brick City."

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  • rufio • 4 years ago

    agreed @dan1

    Or maybe "The Brick". sounds gritty still, but not as lame as Da Brick.


    • dan1 • 4 years ago

      Why didn't they just call it Brick City? At least then I wouldn't feel stupid telling people what I'm watching. "What are you watching?" ".............. Da Brick".....


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