‘Hit Somebody’ Back to Being One Big Movie Says Kevin Smith

The director will retire from making films after this epic hockey drama is completed, which he hopes to debut at Sundance 2013.
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‘Hit Somebody’ Back to Being One Big Movie Says Kevin Smith

Unlike Steven Soderbergh, Kevin Smith seems to be taking his retirement plans seriously. The Clerks and Red State director claims that Hit Somebody, about the epic rise of a hockey player, will honestly be his last film.

Back in August, decided that he would make two movies out of . Today, though, that is no longer the case. As he is back to writing just one epic screenplay. He took to his Twitter account to announced this decision. Check out his comments below.

Hit Somebody Tweet

"Writing script two, but now gonna make one big movie instead."

then went onto reveal that the film, which will hopefully begin shooting this June, will clock in at 150 minutes with credits. And that he hopes to debut at Sundance 2013. He then made this statement.

"Makes more sense, anyway: the movie's about taking one, good shot."

Hit Somebody is in development .

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  • dan1 • 3 years ago

    @thedude-abides Yep and yep.

    @comicbookfan He should, that would be a great move if he doesn't want to make more movies. Though I'll never believe him until he's 6 feet under.


  • moviemaniac66 • 3 years ago

    I don't like hockey but i am really excited to check this film out. i love Smith's movies.


  • comicbookfan • 3 years ago

    Wow, so no more Askewniverse for sure. I think he should go into freelance comic book writing after he retires, he's already doing it now, but should step it up full-time. He did a great job with Daredevil and Spider-Man/Black Cat graphic novels.


  • thedude-abides • 3 years ago

    Haha. I love the opening line of this article. Soderbergh needs to go ahead and bow out gracefully. Haywire and Magic Mike are going to SUUUUCK.


  • gandoff • 3 years ago

    >:/ Ok..... Why retire? He is young and talented. Why not take a break and come back in a few years? I understand, if your "rich", you can take things really easy, and retire early. But when your making such things as movies, I don't understand why?


  • SpaceCowboy • 3 years ago



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