'Hulk' News

Box Office Beat Down: Hulk Smash with $54 Million!

Kung Fu Panda Punches up another $34 million for second place.

B. Alan Orange

Lou Ferrigno Voices The Incredible Hulk!

The legendary bodybuilder returns to the franchise that made him a star.

B. Alan Orange

Edward Norton and The Incredible Hulk on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Lou Ferrigno had a better paint job than you!

B. Alan Orange

New The Incredible Hulk Featurette Online

A look back at the TV show and other Hulk inspirations.

Brian B.

The Incredible Hulk's Blu-Ray Will Have 70 Minutes of Extra Footage?

The film's director, Louis Leterrier, wants to put a lot of unused material on the high-def release.

Brian Gallagher

Three New Incredible Hulk Features Appear Online

Go in-depth and behind the scenes with the creators of the character and the film.

See Iron Man's Tony Stark in The Incredible Hulk Right Now!

Robert Downey Jr.'s Cameo is finally revealed in a new TV spot.

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New The Incredible Hulk Trailer Is Here

Take a look at the latest video from this upcoming comic book adaptation.

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See a Q&A with the Director of The Incredible Hulk

Louis Lettier answers questions posed by the fans at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con.

View a New Slew of The Incredible Hulk Pictures

Go deeper into this upcoming film starring Edward Norton.

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Watch 2 Clips, 10 Interviews & 2 Behind-the-Scenes from The Incredible Hulk!

Get your first look at a slew of new videos for the blockbuster.

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Two New The Incredible Hulk Clips

We have more new videos from the upcoming blockbuster.

Brian Gallagher

3 New The Incredible Hulk Clips

Take a look at these latest videos from the upcoming blockbuster.

Brian Gallagher

Watch Three New The Incredible Hulk TV Spots

See the Hulk engage in destruction, and hear the Abomination speak!

New Incredible Hulk Trailer Is Here!

See new footage of Marvel's gamma-powered hero!

Marvel Announces Their Future Film Line-Up

The schedule includes Iron Man 2, Thor, and The Avengers!

New The Incredible Hulk Trailer and Photos Now Online!

Take a look at this exciting new footage from the upcoming film.

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More New Incredible Hulk Photos Online

Take a look at more shots from the upcoming Edward Norton film.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Incredible Hulk at New York Comic Con!

Tim Roth, Director Louis Leterrier, Uber Producer Gale Anne Hurd, and Marvel President Kevin Feige drop some monster surprises

Julian Roman

Behind-the-scenes Drama on The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton and Marvel can't see eye-to-eye.