‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ Teaser Poster

Scrat is adrift in this fourth installment of the popular ‘Ice Age’ franchise, in theaters July of 2012.
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Scrat has been set adrift in this popular animated family film series, which arrives at its fourth outing with Ice Age: Continental Drift. The entire voice cast returns, including Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, Denis Leary, and John Leguizamo, as the prehistoric pals deal with the melting ice cap situation. 20th Century Fox has released the first teaser poster for Ice Age: Continental Drift, which features audience favorite Scrat. Check it out below.

Ice Age: Continental Drift Poster

Ice Age: Continental Drift was released July 13th, 2012.

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  • ghostman • 4 years ago

    I loved the first two, but hated the third..only good thing about these movies are Scrat, he's the funniest out of all of them!


    • 2movieguys • 4 years ago



      • XxNickTheFilmCriticXx • 4 years ago

        @the-crow2k -- You said it.


        • the-crow2k • 4 years ago

          They will squeeze the cow as much as they can...


          • ROFLitschristian • 4 years ago

            I like Ice Age, I don't care. Except the 2nd one.

            The only thing I'm not looking forward to in this one, and I've been dreading it since I walked out of the 3rd one, is everyone calling peaches throughout the movie.


            • jimthar • 4 years ago

              cool. though i didn't dig the 3rd one too much. i think this series went to sh*t when they introduced queen latifah's character and the whole "marriage" thing between them. but i'll give this a shot anyway. the scrat parts are always hilarious.


              • Salem6777 • 4 years ago

                we do not need a fourth one...


                • moviegeek • 4 years ago

                  What's the black thing?


                  • skywise • 4 years ago

                    As long as they can keep these things funny and clever i will be there.


                    • thrashnasty190 • 4 years ago

                      How about we create something new there Hollywood.


                      • slysnide • 4 years ago

                        So, are they gonna try and kill the series or what? Cuz I haven't seen 2 or 3.


                        • kguy • 4 years ago

                          nice poster. haven't seen the 3rd one, yet.


                          • avian005 • 4 years ago

                            I would say stop, but I actually really enjoyed the third movie. Hopefully the fourth is good.


                            • messenger • 4 years ago

                              I love this series!


                              • caifa • 4 years ago

                                nah...i love this cartoon...i like that little creature moving around without talking but ding a lot of sh*t hahaha


                                • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago

                                  Alrighty then


                                  • jonspidey07 • 4 years ago


                                    they really gotta stop with this series

                                    they should've left the 1st one alone; I just dont care anymore


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