‘Inequality for All’ Trailer

Professor Robert Reich demonstrates how the widening income gap has a devastating impact on America, in theaters September 27th.
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‘Inequality for All’ Trailer

A passionate argument on behalf of the middle class, Inequality for All features Robert Reich, professor, best-selling author, and Clinton cabinet member, as he demonstrates how the widening income gap has a devastating impact on the American economy. The film is an intimate portrait of a man who's overcome a great deal of personal adversity and whose lifelong goal remains protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. Through his singular perspective, Robert Reich explains how the massive consolidation of wealth by a precious few threatens the viability of the American workforce and the foundation of democracy itself. Reich uses humor and a wide array of facts to explain how the issue of economic inequality affects each and every one of us. Check out the first trailer and poster.

Inequality for All Poster

Inequality for All was released September 27th, 2013.

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  • thedude1 • 2 years ago

    @Michael-Johnson-71524429 Campaign finance is a being used by the so called left to trash the so called right. They don't care about that ruling at all which is why they used it in 2012 to raise so much money.

    Lobbying sadly doesn't look like it will end. We have a President now who said he wouldn't be a friend to lobbyists however he completely lied to us all. His office is filled with lobbyists.

    I'm not saying one side is perfect. Not at all. There are some good people on both sides but overall right now Americans are being sucked into a game of right vs left and neither of these groups are right or left LOL! It is crazy man!


    • Michael-Johnson-71524429 • 2 years ago

      Looks like a good movie, but it probably will not help the country much because we as a people forgot how to use our free speech correctly. We are not having a conversation about our troubles we are name calling and deriding others for their opinions. Things are going to only get worse as long as we stand divided and mock each other. We all agree we have a problem in this country but we cant control ourselves long enough to have the conversation, and without having this discussion about how best to go about improving quality of life for "all" Americans, nothing will change. I think getting rid of the Citizens United Bill and strengthen the regulations on Lobbyists would be a good place to start.


      • pack-rulz1978 • 2 years ago

        More victims paraded as the majority of people in America by progressives in "doc*mentaries" in an effort to spread the eat the rich mentality that's infected the entire voting populace. I wish more people would spend some time at Reason.com and see the positives in America's progression as opposed to the Democratic Party's drum beat toward all out state control as the GOP stands by as impotent as the smiling dudes starting fires with their bares hands in the Viagra commercials.


        • thedude1 • 2 years ago

          Robert Reich is a complete and utter liar. This man was in the Clinton Administration helping him destroy the economy even more. He is the last person to talk about equality in the economy.


          • a7sus4 • 2 years ago

            The US Government is the greatest threat to the so-called middle class.


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