International Red Band Trailer for Nimrod Antal's ‘Predators’

Take a look at this trailer featuring all-new footage, but only if you're over the age of 18.
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IGN has just debuted a brand new international red band trailer for Predators, which will be released in theaters nationwide on July 9. This trailer is an age-restricted trailer, so if you're over the age of 18, click below to watch this new video.

Predators was released July 9th, 2010.


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  • emmytt • 5 years ago

    hope this is good


    • supermanempire • 5 years ago

      Lone Wolf

      I can see some similarities...all except the standard Va-J-J mouth all the predators have, " Your move p*ssy face" ha ha...Danny Glover would own Mr. Black.


      • 54729 • 5 years ago


        Amen! I am a die hard fan of both the Aliens and Predator franchises and have read all of the books and read all the comics and etc. And yes, I even love both AVP movies, but man, I gotta tell you, this is a whole new level of for the franchise. At first I was weary about Rodriguez and Antal working on this, but now I feel like they couldn't have made it better. Definately seeing this as soon as humanly possible.

        I also must admit that the "Mr. Black" Predator is simply disgusting. I originally thought that the original Predators were just really cool looking, definately had the Stan Winston charm to them. But the new one truly is "one ugly motherf*cker". For some reason, the eyes on Mr. Black and some of his facial structure reminds me of the design of the giant insect-like creature from "It". Anyone here agree?


        • vendetta28 • 5 years ago

          Hm,lookin' forward to this one.


          • supermanempire • 5 years ago

            Hey Cellulite Dreams, what the f*ck are you talking about? I'm thinking that if someone is making a PREDATOR movie, the basic plot synopsis points are already there...Predators/badass, check!, human prey kill worthy, check!, semi-hot latina chick, check!....and of course one leading character that makes it to da choppa, check! You may be looking for the f*cking Coen Brothers version of Predator, but most of us are pretty psyched with what we see thus far....go peddle your "artsy" "I'm a movie fan with taste" horse sh*t, soap box rant commentary to people who give a f*ck....can I get an Amen!


            • jerrythereaper • 5 years ago

              Definitely gonna see this at the MidNight Premiere


              • patrick-sheldon-jones • 5 years ago

                It's been too long since I have seen the infamous spinal cord rip from a predator.


                • ollie-styrene • 5 years ago

                  I was hoping the predator homeworld had more "hardware" or more cities... the woods looks strangley familiar,..

                  But hey,.. i`ll be the first in line for this one..

                  And why can`t an oscar winning actor do stuff like this?? i think Brody looks cool in this,.. the rest aswell...


                  • dasboot • 5 years ago

                    f*ck yea!!!! that was amazing!


                    • c-a-r-t-m-a-n • 5 years ago

                      @CelluloidDreams - Go and watch Cartoon Network....


                      • h0tproperty • 5 years ago

                        @2movieguys shut up man you clearly dont know sh*t about entertaining cinema. Go watch the last song and cry yourself to sleep.


                        • cerealkiller • 5 years ago

                          I 2nd that AVP.


                          • avp • 5 years ago

                            CelluloidDreams- F*CK OF WITH THIS SH*T!!!


                            • 2movieguys • 5 years ago

                              Nothing new ..just 1 extra scene of gore!! WOW!!! Ohh!!! NOT!!!

                              This is 1 film I will wait for $1.00 rental at Redbox... nothing new or exciting here folkks!

                              Same damn exasperated stuff that has been done before (Prison planets, ex-military etc!) ...but this time W./ Predators!!!

                              What a " Nimrod" (PUN!) for not making something new or envisioning ... or even ....... do I dare say it....!??!?


                              Adrien Brody wins an Oscar and then goes to this!?!!? Do did this happen!?!? Did the rent come due!?

                              Topher Grace, Adrien Brody, Danny Trejo & Laurence Fishburne .... Strange ...Very strange casting ...good talent in a consign to oblivion of a film!


                              • alienxphile • 5 years ago

                                LOOKS F*CKING EPIC!!!!


                                • jimthar • 5 years ago

                                  oh yeah! this movie is going to kick some major ass. i'll be there with ticket in hand for this one. really looking forward to it.


                                  • marcus-07 • 5 years ago

                                    Ouuu yeah! This trailer is the best one! It's ok if you watch it once. You'll be pumped for this movie even more and you won't really remember all those kick-ass scenes that much. It won't spoil the movie for you. Can't f*cking wait for this!


                                    • redcameraman • 5 years ago

                                      Looks great and awesome! I can't wait for this movie!


                                      • claudiolqp • 5 years ago

                                        KICK ASSSSS TRAILER!!!!!!!!


                                        • iamfratson • 5 years ago



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