‘Iron Man 3’ Is Not a Serious Movie Says Producer Kevin Feige

Director Shane Black reveals that they are aiming for a fresh perspective on Tony Stark, instead of a bigger take on the same story.
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‘Iron Man 3’ Is Not a Serious Movie Says Producer Kevin Feige

Iron Man 3 will not be a serious movie says producer Kevin Feige When the first Iron Man 3 trailer debuted last month, some fans thought that the series was shifting to a darker tone, similar to director Christopher Nolan's Batman series that culiminated this summer with The Dark Knight Rises. Marvel Studios executive and Iron Man 3 producer Kevin Feige revealed that this superhero sequel is not a "serious" movie, but it will go in a different direction.

"It's not a serious movie, but we seriously dig into exploring more of Tony. The trick is just trying to make great movies. We try to make them all great, all different and all fresh. What you'll see in Iron Man 3 is some very unique directions that were taken."

Director Shane Black also revealed that he isn't trying to make a bigger superhero movie with this sequel.

"We're not aiming for bigger, necessarily. We're aiming for different and fresh and new. It's all about capturing that lightning-in-a-bottle feel, about trying to get as much into this as we can. We're looking to get a ton of thrills into a short space, to make a nice little stew for you."

Franchise star Robert Downey Jr. also chimed in, comparing the intangible qualities that worked in Marvel's The Avengers to this movie.

"You can dissect why it was the right movie with the right people and the right director at the time. But we feel the same way about Iron Man 3 now."

Iron Man 3 was released May 3rd, 2013.

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  • dfella • 3 years ago



    • mcleve02 • 3 years ago

      Way to release bad news...


      • shuabert • 3 years ago

        I think what Feige is trying to say is, "why so serious?"


        • crypt • 3 years ago

          Really? That trailer coulda fooled me.


          • emmyhasagun • 3 years ago

            With all the destruction and death and the fact that Stark risked his life to save the world, I don't see how this one can't be a little more serious than the last few. In my opinion, the events of the Avengers would be rather life changing and perspective changing. And yes, the teaser made the film seem more "serious" than the previous two, but in no way did it look Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy "serious". Actually I think dark/darker might be a bit more appropriate than serious, but that's just my opinion.


            • felipe-11 • 3 years ago

              I think the word "serious" gets thrown around a lot today and he's just trying to calm down internet people who think this'll be some Dark Knight stuff. It's obviously gonna be the same tone as the first two (and every other Marvel movie for that matter)


              • redcameraman • 3 years ago

                @the-movieghost: Neither am I.


                • ejk1 • 3 years ago

                  With the exception of the cartoonish ending with all of the robots at the end of IM2, there hasn't been anything distasteful in the IM, at least to me. No real reason to ape Nolan just because some people feel they should. Keep following the entertaining path you've set out on, fellas.


                  • themoviefanatic • 3 years ago

                    @the-movieghost Yeah, me either.


                    • moviegeek • 3 years ago

                      I don't care if the tone is serious or lighthearted, but the people making it had better be serious about it.


                      • dan1 • 3 years ago

                        Um, I don't care? Just entertain me.


                        • therealGoku • 3 years ago

                          Trailer looked pretty dark & serious


                          • ROFLitschristian • 3 years ago

                            That's actually not great to hear. Basically, as I stated in the trailer's article, Tony's in no real danger... again.


                            • Rodney-Roover • 3 years ago

                              WHY SO SERIOUS!!!???


                              • brandon-scott-todd • 3 years ago

                                Why is Feige saying its not a serious movie. You'd think Marvel Studios would want to make "serious movies" considering the success they've had. I think Feige has no idea what he is talking about. Cap' America; pretty serious. Thor; pretty serious. Iron Man; pretty serious. Iron Man 2; pretty serious. Incredible Hulk; serious. The Avengers; serious in my eyes. All the Marvel Studios films have been quite serious with little pieces of humor incorporated in them. We as fans don't want movies that are not "serious". And from looking at the Iron Man 3 trailer, the movie seems serious to me and darker than its predecessors. Even the Dark Knight and Rises had little tid bits of humor. If a movie isn't made to be serious or those making it do not do so seriously, then we the fans will not take the films seriously.


                                • narrator • 3 years ago


                                  • raoulduke33 • 3 years ago

                                    "The trick is just trying to make great movies..."

                                    That just seems like the most redundant statement ever.


                                    • the-movieghost • 3 years ago

                                      Not buying it.


                                      • justatadmatt • 3 years ago

                                        He answered the question without answering the question. I think he just wants to make sure the film still appeals to a wider audience simply looking for a good action/comedic film...


                                        • bawnian-dexeus • 3 years ago

                                          Yeah, sure...


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