‘Iron Man 3’ Leaves Tony Stark with Just a Boot and a Glove Teases Robert Downey Jr.

The Marvel superhero will face an army of bad guys with just a few remaining items from his ‘Iron Man’ suit in this Phase II sequel.
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‘Iron Man 3’ Leaves Tony Stark with Just a Boot and a Glove Teases Robert Downey Jr.

Just like its predecessors Iron Man and Iron Man 2, the sequel Iron Man 3 will kick off the summer movie season the first weekend in May. Franchise star Robert Downey Jr. recently teased an intriguing scene known as the "Boot/Glove Sequence," where Tony Stark has to do battle with just one glove and one boot from his full Iron Man suit.

"We've just been talking about one sequence - the top-secret name is the Boot/Glove Sequence, I can tell you that, just between you and me - it's where Tony only has one gauntlet and one boot and he has to escape multiple captors. It's really fun, dude. We're taking everything from his first gauntlet test in the first movie up through the most extreme stuff we thought up for Iron Man 2 and The Avengers and pulling on all of it and making this one big, extended challenge of physics."

Marvel released concept art from this particular scene back at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. You can check it out here.

Iron Man 3 Boot and Glove Concept Art

The actor also revealed that Don Cheadle plays a more integral part as Rhodey in this follow-up.

"Rhodey is much more in the dead center of things. He's much more dynamic. We've made this decision that while Tony is a technical guy, he's not really a trained guy. There's a lot of fun to be had with Don because he's really good with hardware and he's a martial artist, so it's been really fun exploiting this possibility of Tony having moments like the one in The Avengers, like the one with Cap where he decides, 'Oh screw it, he probably knows what he's doing.' So there's a lot of that and a lot more fun and a lot more depth to Rhodey this time around."

The actor also spoke about a "movie club" they formed on the set, where cast and crew members would block out a local theater and go see a movie together on the weekends.

"It was a group of us going to the Cineplex and blocking out a theater on the weekends and taking in John Toll [the two-time Oscar winner and Iron Man 3 cinematographer] and taking in sometimes a ton of people and sometimes less. We do something that involves movies and our love of movies.... One was [a movie that Toll shot] the Wachowski's film Cloud Atlas. We were impressed with how cohesive the direction was, and obviously everything that John shot was amazing. We saw Flight, which was great, and before that it was Argo, which was also kind of cool. It's nice knowing that you can go to a theater every weekend and see something good. And it's great to see what people are doing and to get excited about it."

Iron Man 3 was released May 3rd, 2013.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly

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  • 2movieguys • 3 years ago



    • undeadslayer4 • 3 years ago

      wow now thats more like it


      • SherlockHolmes2009 • 3 years ago

        @ghostman And also the scenes self explainitory, just by looking at the concept art you know whats gonna happen so I have to agree with ya, no spoiler here @youngrizo


        • ghostman • 3 years ago

          @youngrizo I don't see anything spoiler about it. It's not like he revealed anything major to the movies plot. Besides, it is only a tease of what will happen in the movie.


          • narrator • 3 years ago

            This actually was a good interview. He obviously can't say much on the project, but I like the fact that he teased a physical and likely humorous action scene with Tony. I mean, what else do we expect from an interview?

            If anything, it's cool to know that actors and other celebrities and folk in the business can watch other films and appreciate them. I'm especially surprised he dug Cloud Atlas' direction.


            • bawnian-dexeus • 3 years ago

              Well, this was pointless


              • raoulduke33 • 3 years ago

                The Indestructible Hulk July 2017. Make it happen.


                • SherlockHolmes2009 • 3 years ago

                  Sounds awesome to me


                  • youngrizo • 3 years ago


                    Concept art is one thing, a lot of concept art sees the light of day that nothing ever comes off. Straight up plot and scene details however are an entirely different thing, and people deserve the right to choose whether they want to spoil things for themselves. It's a simple enough procedure to state an article contains possible spoilers people might not wanna know. I know some people don't care but others like myself, do.


                    • therealGoku • 3 years ago

                      Too bad Terrance Howard didn't stay on


                      • kguy • 3 years ago



                        • ROFLitschristian • 3 years ago

                          Can't wait!


                          • balanorange • 3 years ago

                            @youngrizo As this was the first concept art released by Marvel back during Comic Con 2012, I don't think its much of a spoiler.


                            • youngrizo • 3 years ago

                              dear Movieweb... that I couldn't even avoid this article cause you put the focal point front and center as the title, is no good. Please consider us movie lovers trying to avoid more of this information because we want as pure a film experience as we can get in this age. Straight up scene info like this should have a title like 'Spoiler warning: Robert Downey discusses scene from movie'

                              That way i am at least given the choice of whether or not I want to read on.

                              This hasn't happened a lot since the last time a major spoiler about a movie was revealed like 2 years ago, but it's started to happen a lot over the past few months.


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