Is Arnold Schwarzenegger in for ‘Predators’?

Director Robert Rodriguez wants Arnold to reprise his original role of Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer.
BY | Schwarzenegger as Major Alan Dutch Schaefer in Predator In a story from Moviehole, Robert Rodriguez is overtly courting Arnold Schwarzenegger for his Predators movie.

Apparently, the Governor of California is a little busy at the moment so he hasn't responded, yet. The biggest problem with this is that the shoot is coming up soon so Schwarzenegger needs to get in touch with Rodriguez if this is going to happen.

Moviehole's source goes on to say that a role has even been written for Arnold. Rodriguez does not see Predators as a remake but rather a sequel to the original film.

The early rumors have Schwarzenegger coming back as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, "the canon-armed Special Forces leader" who battled the original extraterrestrial beast in the first film. Arnold's character will not be the lead in the film but one whose role should take a couple of days to shoot.,

Initially, Schwarzenegger had been asked to come aboard as Dutch for a small role in Stephen Hopkins' Predator 2. This never happened and Gary Busey ended up playing the part.

Predators is slated to come to theaters July 2010 from 20th Century Fox.

Predators was released July 9th, 2010.


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  • sirmetro • 6 years ago

    Arnold is the best guy for the job,But i don't think he will do it.


    • spoog2000 • 6 years ago

      WHY? That defeats the purpose of "Predator 2", although that wasn't great. I don't like this idea, they already screwed up Predator with the "AVP" films. If, and I doubt, Arnold Schwarzenegger is to return that's the only way I will see this movie.


      • pablouk • 6 years ago

        What its going to be sequal set 20 years later, have they seen how fat and old Arnie is now.

        Whats he going to do, go into the Jungle with a Zimmer Frame.

        More Crap from Hollywood.


        • grant78cline • 6 years ago

          well, I love that arnold schwarzenegger number one!...


          • alyceepooh • 6 years ago

            I used to like his movies but ever since hes become govenor i really dont like him...


            • grant78cline • 6 years ago

              Yeahh! go arnold! go for it...


              • illuminati • 6 years ago

                PREDATOR was a great movie. the concept was simple but brilliant.

                But the whole AVP crapfest has ruined BOTH franchises. PREDATOR 3 will no doubt be an action-lightshow-gorefest to get the teens in. Instead of being a cat/mouse-murderous thriller like the original.


                • instead8909 • 6 years ago

                  If Arnold does a film it'll be The Goverator, he'll blast and gun each sect and his opponents. But I Doubt he'll do any film since he's too busy.


                  • ajlewis • 6 years ago

                    I dout he'll be back (no pun intended) but im so pumped we get to see a stand alone predator movie next year its gunna kick ass!


                    • predator-skull-rip • 6 years ago

                      I know a perfect cast. Just look at the The Expendables cast.


                      • remy72883 • 6 years ago

                        im sorry say what you want but if the cali thing doesent work out i would love to see him back on the big screen taking names and kicking ass.


                        • revilolee • 6 years ago

                          Cool news.


                          • soylentgreenmonkey • 6 years ago

                            Oh, it's a sequel? Ok. That's fine.


                            • splatterfilms • 6 years ago

                              The second KILLS anything that the AVP movies ever tried. The 2nd is awesome.


                              • seymourstrange • 6 years ago

                                hope this happens, love the first one, the second was a bit of a let down, avp an avpr were...well, you know so hopefully this means the return of a bad ass predator film.

                                arnie should get an agent for his digit image cus they could go the salvation way


                                • johnnyblazetb82 • 6 years ago

                                  Awsome. probly be the only reason id see this movie to see Arnie go for round 2. I think hes a lttle 2 busy making California bankrupt to shoot a movie though


                                  • forrestgump1 • 6 years ago

                                    Like The First..... Hated The 2nd-Stupid DANNY GLOVER!!!-LOLZ!!!!!


                                    • phil-mata • 6 years ago

                                      Come on Robert, you know Arnie won't go for this. I'd be very surprised if he did.


                                      • slysnide • 6 years ago

                                        Yeah I know it's a sequel, but it'd be nice to not completely shove out Danny Glover. Granted he's not in the upcoming sequel, but it'd be nice to not pretend the events of "Predator 2" (1990) didn't occur. Though I guess it just won't be adressed either way, cuz it can still be a sequel w/out referencing the second film, same as "Halloween H20" (1998) set-up the story as if the Shape hadn't been seen for twenty years, despite all the newspaper clippings related to the events of 4/5/6 in the opening credits.

                                        And I reference the remake train cuz all these sequels/remakes/reboots of old films seem to all be related to teh idea that Hollywood's outta originality, and severly needs it. Though this could easily be a good movie in its own right.


                                        • dizoyle • 6 years ago

                                          very nice!!


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