Is ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Shooting in Cleveland Spring 2014?

Sony has not confirmed a greenlight for this long-gestating sequel. Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are rumored to have joined the cast.
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Is ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Shooting in Cleveland Spring 2014?

Will Ghostbusters 3 actually start shooting this spring?Ghostbusters 3 is clearly heating up again. Could it really be happening this time? An NBC affiliate in Cleveland has confirmed this morning that the long-gestating sequel is shooting in the city, spring 2014.

Inside sources reveal that the studio is working hard to meet the original Ghostbusters' 30th anniversary. The first in this popular series was released June 8th, 1984. So, there's no way the movie can even hope to be in theaters by June 2014. But maybe they just want to start shooting by the anniversary date? We're not sure.

This latest news comes from a 'Sony Pictures Entertainment Executive'. It's the second time in the last few days that Ghostbusters 3 has made headlines. Earlier in the week, Jonah Hill and Emma Stone were said to have been offered the lead roles in this comedy. That has neither been confirmed nor denied.

If we're to believe these rumors, the two actors have already joined the cast. Their characters will be recruited by the original Ghostbusters, including Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson, to be trained as new soldiers in the spook army. Jonah Hill was offered the role of Jeremy, while Emma Stone has been offered a character named Anna. No further details have been revealed.

Ghostbusters 3 has been a project long in the making. It has gone through many widely publicized rewrites, and it has often been held up by original star Bill Murray, who has ultimately decided not to participate in the sequel. The comedian does have a reputation for showing up on set at the last minute, though, and if that does happen in this instance, Dan Aykroyd promises that they have a secondary script written with him in mind.

Ghostbusters comes to theaters July 15th, 2016.

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  • Mike-Obrien-42490306 • 2 years ago

    look people have you saw bill's interviews that have asked questions about GB3 bill never said no he said 3 things 1st "GB2 was a wast of everyones time sure the film wasnt that bad but all the originals have said when sony got to the script they made it more family friendly which lost its magic the 1st one had" 2nd "sony has to green light it and stay away from changing things" and 3rd "bill said the script has to be good that he hasnt read any script yet he's waiting for sony to move on it once that happens all the originals will be their" you see im sure they all know this movie isnt for the funnyness it isnt for the comedy its just to restart the franchise, GB3 is gonna be alot like the new trek movies meaning lots of action and sci fi supernatural not much comedy this new one is only to reboot the franchise nothing more, dan is making new equipment new stuff for GB3 the proton packs are probably gonna be the same from the video game, dan personally over viewed all the new stuff in the game and he's probably gonna add to that for the movie which is good the game was great, you'll need to realize that once sony green lighted the game they all jumped on voicing their characters so once sony green lights the movie none of them will miss the chance to help reboot the franchise even bill murray.


    • Connect200 • 2 years ago

      Give it up already. It is over ten years late for a Ghostbusters 3. Everybody remember what happened with Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D? Yeah big fail. Its time to let go of the past and move on forward with new ideas. And please hollywood don't do a remake Ghostbusters.


      • 2movieguys • 2 years ago



        • Mike-Obrien-42490306 • 2 years ago

          with all the news we get, with all the on's & off's we get, and all the older fans saying no bill murray no go, all we need is something like a trailer to get things started but longer then 3 minuets like ether go the way of the new mortal kombat web series (which is to start a new movie later on) or give us a 45 minuet pilot to get peoples interest on the movie, give us something to go on because if sony dont give the fans something before they start shooting next year theres only gonna be a handful of people (like myself) will be getting a ticket, its a ghostbuster movie for Christ sake just put a good supernatural plot together grab some younger cast that can put on a decent performance make the movie more M/R rated so the movie is more graphic then what the 80's could bring make it more action/horror screw the comedy side this time then BAM! you got your selves a great GB3 to re-start the ghostbuster franchise.


          • monkeyiron2-0 • 2 years ago

            Ghostbusters 3 has been made


            • a7sus4 • 2 years ago

              It annoys me that Bill Murray won't participate. He was my favorite GB.


              • diaigma • 2 years ago

                Bring it on! :D


                • OhhmeohhMy • 2 years ago

                  If they do shoot. i just hope to god its good when it comes out!! so good luck. and if you got a problem with the movie. call Ghostbusters haha lol!


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