Is Matthijs Van Heijningen Directing ‘The Thing’ Prequel?

This follow-up to John Carpenter's film will revolve around R.J. Macready's brother.
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In an interesting bit of news from our friends over at Bloody Disgusting, it seems that director Matthijs van Heijningen is going to be helming the often talked about prequel to John Carpenter's remake of The Thing. Though this news is still being considered rumor due to the lack of an official confirmation, it is fact that the film is moving ahead at Strike and Universal Pictures.

Heijningen, who is also attached to direct Army of the Dead for Zack Snyder's Strike Entertainment, is pushing to make the lead character in his prequel the brother of R.J. Macready, a character originally played by Kurt Russell. Bloody Disgusting offer this synopsis:

In the screenplay by Ronald D. Moore, the prequel takes place from the Norwegian camp's point of view. An American scientific expedition to the frozen wastes of the Antarctic is interrupted by a group of seemingly mad Norwegians pursuing and shooting a dog. 
The helicopter pursuing the dog crashes leaving no explanation for the chase. 
During the night, the dog mutates and attacks other dogs in the cage, along with members of the team that investigate. The team soon realizes that an alien life-form with the ability to take over bodies is on the loose and they don't know who may already have been taken over.

The film is expected to be released sometime in 2010. We will have more news as it breaks in the very near future.

The Thing was released October 14th, 2011.

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  • killerman200 • 7 years ago

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    • hackx9 • 7 years ago

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      • chronic • 7 years ago

        No one cares about the film or about you.

        I see someone getting a little ticked off because he is not the center of MovieWeb.

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        • killerman200 • 7 years ago



          • chronic • 7 years ago

            THE THING II

            treatment written by Garry A. Piazza

            based on characters created by John W. Campbell, Jr.

            - - -

            It's spring 1982 and U.S. Outpost #31 lay in ruin. Overhead, a

            reconnaissance jet makes an assessment of the damage and moves on to

            the next outpost. Upon discovering the same carnage over the Norwegian post, a startling discovery of another kind is made by our

            unsuspecting air crew. They discover, half-exposed in the ice below,

            the carcass of the UFO that once made its journey to Earth to deliver a creature ominously fierce enough to be called The Thing.

            The air crew immediately dispatches the news that will prompt a rescue effort for the destroyed compounds and a salvage effort for the crippled UFO. The entire effort is the sole responsibility of one man -- CIA agent, Roman Dorn. Malevolently obnoxious and evil, Dorn's bunk operation will prove to be more than just a rescue and salvage effort.

            Upon arriving at the scorched remains of U.S. Outpost #31, Dorn's

            agents discover the frozen stiff body of R.J. MacReady. MacReady's

            body is peeled from the ice with a bottle of J&B stuck to his frozen

            hands and is sent to the cryogenics facility at the Mcmurdo military

            base near the coastline. There, his body is thawed and revived and

            remains comatose while machines monitor his vital signs.

            As MacReady lies in deep sleep, Dorn has built a massive dome over the half-buried UFO and is running the operation under the guise of an atmospheric research facility (ARF). It's primary objective is to

            sample air quality of volcanic emissions for the purpose of reporting ozone depletion information and feed reports back to the United States. That's what Washington hears anyway.

            There is the beginning of the treatement for people interested, just copy and paste the url i gave into the address bar


            • killerman200 • 7 years ago

              J. A. shut the f*ck up. Trying to ignore me who are you trying to kid, assface. There is no treatment, you f*ckhead.


              • chronic • 7 years ago

                Also for people interested, here is the treament to 'The Thing 2.' It was written by a critic and afilm reviewer.

                It's not an exact script, just a treatment, a story guide

                Here is 'The Thing 2'



                • chronic • 7 years ago

                  So any one else got any other opinions on this so called prequel?

                  Myself in general sounds to much like the original and Chad made a good point, we already gonna know how it ends


                  • killerman200 • 7 years ago

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                    • chronic • 7 years ago

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                      • chronic • 7 years ago


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                        • killerman200 • 7 years ago

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                          • chronic • 7 years ago

                            Wow sarcasim is a bitch.

                            You must have been literally and physically dumb to not realising that i was being sarcastic on saying there is no such film as 'The Thing'

                            I suggest you define what a 'Treatment' & 'Scriptment' is in film terminology, before you make any sought of dumb ass lame comeback, lol.

                            Here is an example

                            Treatment to The Day The Earth Stood Still 2 (64 pages)


                            Treatment to E.T.II: Noctural Fears by Stephen Spielberg


                            Erm why would i claim to writing 'The Godfather' google search 'Mario Puzo'

                            Also to note your dumbass on something there are 5 Godfather novels, so erm yeah Godfather 4 has already been written in ascending order.

                            The Godfather

                            The Sicilian

                            The Godfather's Return

                            The Godfather's Revenge

                            Godfather: The Lost Years

                            There have been rumours of a 4th film going into production to be done by Sofia Coppola.

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                            And before i ask you how dumb do you feel now.......

                            Here is 'The Thing 2'


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                            • killerman200 • 7 years ago

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                              • chad-vital • 7 years ago

                                No offense killerman, but your rant lost me in about 4 different areas lol. I was like 'huh?' and had to read it again.


                                • killerman200 • 7 years ago

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                                  • chad-vital • 7 years ago

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                                    • chronic • 7 years ago


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                                      They are unproduced Hollywood Scriptural doc*ments that got looked at but never received the greenlight not real films.

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                                      • kirkepsilon • 7 years ago

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                                        • killerman200 • 7 years ago

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