Is Original Shredder Oroku Saki in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’?

An image from the new ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ trailer has been edited to reveal what is believed to be the original Shredder from the comic books and TV series.
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Is Original Shredder Oroku Saki in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’?

Fans pitched a fit when they learned that William Fichtner was playing the big bad Shredder in Michael Bay's reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For starters, the character is originally Japanese, something William Fichtner can't claim to be. Then, it was revealed that Shredder's origins were being changed. He was no longer Oroku Saki, a Japanese warrior seeking revenge. He was instead an American named Eric Sachs. This would have introduced a reimagining of the character never seen before. But now, thanks to a photo shopped image from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles full-length trailer that debuted early this morning, it seems it may have all been a ruse.

In the trailer, William Fichtner is seen talking with a shadowy, bald headed figure. Eric Sachs tells this mystery man that he is going to upgrade his armor. The scene then cuts to Shredder in a massive suit of blades that has been updated for the new movie. So, is this man who likes to linger in the shadows actually Oroku Saki? Are we seeing the original Shredder fight Splinter in this latest footage. Take a look at the doctored photo, which reveals his face. Is this guy Japanese?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Photo

The Outhousers, the site responsible for the touched-up image, point out that Wikipedia has removed Shredder's name from William Fichtner cast entry, simply calling him Eric Sachs now. Though the actor has talked about becoming Shredder in interviews, perhaps he was lying to throw people off the scent. Or maybe the original Shredder was brought back in during the movie's extensive reshoots. That leaves the question, will there be two Shredders? Or is Sachs Shredder's apprentice of sorts?

What do you think of this? Are you happy that Oroku Saki might actually play a role in the movie? Has the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailwer swayed your opinion on the movie? Or do you still hate this thing?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released August 8th, 2014.

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  • instead8909 • 1 year ago

    True or not, I might see it besides I am a Bay fan.

    I didn't like his last film 'Pain and Gain'


    • pack-rulz1978 • 1 year ago

      I think they're playing bloggers for fools on this one. I think Bay isn't that dumb to see you have to see the original Shredder in the movie at some point, even if it's setting him for a return in a trilogy or something, so they likely feed the misinformation story to generate a) interest in the film, albeit negative and b) to keep the true story as under wraps as possible which is a titanic feat in these days of instant information, script leaks, and set twitpics. Very savvy move if I'm right.


      • mieko-siede • 1 year ago

        @jasonkat To once again make it out this film has to first have something to do with the original two, and it doesn't. This could simply be a case where Saki, bent on revenge or whatever cause he has is championed by Fichtner's character who has the resources to take up his fight and create the myth behind the legend that is Shredder. He could be an understudy of Saki's philosophy and merged one dynamic of his teachings into a larger concept that is his character's alone. Saki may well be pulling the strings in the background allowing Eric to stand out on the front line. What we really see is something that provides enough mystery to provoke intrigue. Clearly, this man at some capacity is or at least was the Shredder, hence the "upgrade to the armor" line and Eric is bringing all of the tradition into a new age. It's just a wait and see kind of thing, you know?


        • superman81 • 1 year ago

          @jasonkat I doubt William Fichtner dies since he has already said he signed on for 3 movies.


          • jasonkat • 1 year ago

            a few things can happen here...

            i have a feelin that William Fichtner, either dies or gets killed as Shredder and then this guy (Oroku Saki) becomes the new Shredder.

            Oroku Saki Is really The Shredder and William Fichtner is the1 who makes him just that..

            or....What if The Org Shredder never died and now hes back! for revenge. What if Fichtner is the guy that brings him back to life, or "creates" him. rather Strange how (Saki) has purple vain marks all over his face/head.

            If im not mistakin ..last we saw him was in turtles 2, as the super-shredder , b4 that he was thrown from a ledge into a garbage truck. So it can only mean that he ones again made it out.

            Only time will tell what hes doing in this movie. for all we know he could be playing "brain



            • ObiWanShinobi • 1 year ago

              can't argue with you on that 1, you called it @therealGoku


              • therealGoku • 1 year ago

                @ObiWanShinobi just as I thought! But it's all speculation for now


                • profile-65241688 • 1 year ago

                  Actually the image is sourced from IMGUR user CFUTREE. The Outhousers got it from 4chan which was linked to IMGUR. I would post a link but I don't have that privilege yet.


                  • therealGoku • 1 year ago

                    I hope William fletcher is just a master mind behind the whole movie. But shredder is really oroku saki! That would make this movie even better


                    • cvntstop • 1 year ago



                      • Erikajinx • 1 year ago

                        I think he's his apprentice because it makes sense that he said he's taking his armor for an upgrade. Maybe somewhere in the film there is a flashback of the young oroku saki just like the original story Idk


                        • ObiWanShinobi • 1 year ago

                          Well, damn.


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