Is ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sequel in the Works?

Paul Reubens lets the secret slip that Tim Burton is developing a follow-up to the much beloved Christmas classic.
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Tim Burton rumored to be developing a The Nightmare Before Christmas sequel Director Tim Burton is rumored to be preparing a sequel to the cult classic The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Paul Reubens (aka Pee Wee Herman) let the secret slip in a recent interview to promote his new Pee Wee Herman Broadway Show. When asked if he'd like to work with Tim Burton again, the comedian noted several projects Burton is currently working on, including a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Tim Burton directed Paul Reubens in the 1985 hit comedy Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. Tim is currently prepping Dark Shadows, with Johnny Depp in the lead. We reported in November that Dark Shadows would start production this April.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was released October 29th, 1993.

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  • incmob • 4 years ago

    NOT NEEDED... the first was, is and will be a classic for years to come, and still looks great. Not a fan of song/film... but even the songs in it are well done. why ruin yet another classic by creating an unneeded sequel just to cash in and make a few bucks. I think it would still have burtons flavor and much of his input but sequels usually tarnish the original vision... not all, but some do.


    • skylalala • 5 years ago

      @Ka-Pow!: lol thats the video game never played it i dont think it was bad but id understand how ppl feel about movie games....even though it was a complete new and original story line just like the movie.

      This movie was my childhood favorite id like a sequel but this film is delicate and must be done properly......what would he call it?

      The Satanivity Story? I picture jack in a jesus outfit lol

      Well burton haters your wish has come true Tim Burton has officially ran out of ideas due to drug use....i think "Alice In Wonderland" may have done it...LMAO!


      • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 5 years ago

        it would be brilliant to have a sequel, its just what it needed, sad to say the day will never come, but there are millions of ideas forging in my mind.


        • rojodiablo • 5 years ago

          Not sure this needs a sequel, never thought the first one was all that really but Dark Shadows sounds interesting for sure!


          • skywise • 5 years ago

            Like most of you i agree that this does not need a sequel but would probably end up seeing it anyway. I used to be a huge fan of Tim Burton before he lost his voice. But recently i cant say that i have been that interested in his work. Big Fish was great but before that Planet of the Apes seems to have led him into the role of a reboot go to guy. I still believe in the man but he needs a little injection of originality. Ed Wood is still my fav and Beetle Juice is still as watchable today as it was when i was a kid. Crossing fingers for this one.


            • remy72883 • 5 years ago

              lets thank Pee Wee for not being able to keep a secret, i know im gonna get bomb with messages for this but honestly i still havent seen this film


              • jasonkat • 5 years ago

                omg REALLY? lol o my bad i thought u meant 1 of the people below. lol


                • e-minor • 5 years ago

                  realize this rumor starts from a man who jerked it in a movie theater while watching a shark movie...just to throw that out there....


                  • narrator • 5 years ago

                    Yeahhh, no.


                    • thebd • 5 years ago

                      random question, see how the picture above has Christmas jack, regular Jack and then Jack with a Pumpkin for a head, where did that last version of Jack come from? I've seen toys of it and other pictures but have never known. is it just supposed to be the scare crow from the opening scene?


                      • ensigndesign • 5 years ago

                        He totally should do a sequel!!!


                        • xxxholic • 5 years ago

                          I don't get how a sequel will work, but sounds f*cking great! Don't screw it up please. =]


                          • Monkey-iron • 5 years ago

                            And what they gonna call it the "nightmare before halloween"


                            • daveactor7 • 5 years ago

                              Terrible news


                              • dan1 • 5 years ago

                                Ruining classic movies, one at a time...


                                • slysnide • 5 years ago



                                  • diaigma • 5 years ago

                                    Oh I hope not . . . :P


                                    • bryanyentz • 5 years ago

                                      This better not be true in the slightest. Tim Burton has only been a cinematic f*ck-up of late making films solely for popularity and not art. And let's all remember that he's not even the one who directed the beloved original, just came up with the idea. My guess, if this came to fruition, hell WOULD freeze over and Johnny Depp would voice EVERY role with an air of pretension for each and every character... F*ckin'ell. If something is amazing, it doesn't mean that it needs a sequel, or any sort of addition to--just let it be. Disgusting. This better be a joke.


                                      • dan1 • 5 years ago

                                        I love that we can see the thumbs down now :P


                                        • ed-wood • 5 years ago

                                          This is one of my favorites and I really hope they just leave it alone.


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