Is the Title Officially ‘Cloverfield’?

The trailer is seen, but what does that mean?
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It seems that Devin (otherwise known as "The Internet") over at has seen an advanced copy of the 1-18-08 (as it is still being called in our database) teaser trailer. And he says that the end title card is calling the movie Cloverfield. Though, he speculates that the title could change by the time this advert hits theater screens in front of Beowulf on November 16th.

Over at, you can read his detailed description of the trailer. It deals with flashes of chaos, the Statue of Liberty's head, army men, and a quick shot of the monster. Which is described as being "huge".

To read the entire report, CLICK HERE

Cloverfield opens January 18th, 2008.

Cloverfield was released January 18th, 2008.

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  • mcleve02 • 8 years ago

    this movie is very questionable to me. i cant tll whether i will like it or hate it. if the movie is about 2 months away from its realease and we dont even the title, thats not good


    • SpaceCowboy • 8 years ago

      not that excited cause i still no nothing about this


      • moogle • 8 years ago

        i want another robocop movie


        • the-kwisatz-haderach • 8 years ago

          I think the hype has died off on this movie. Still interested but not nearly as much as when Transformers first came out with the trailer.....


          • moviemaniack1993 • 8 years ago

            I CANNOT wait for this movie. I usually know what trailers to expect when I see a movie, but when I saw Transformers and this trailer came on, I was lost in it. I cannot wait for January!


            • cerealkiller • 8 years ago

              I dont care about this movie anymore.


              • cwalkenistheman • 8 years ago

                I really hope they change the title. I liked "MONSTROUS" alot better......Sounds cool.


                • zomb13 • 8 years ago

                  I like the end of the article....

                  "The title is Cloverfield.

                  There are smaller monsters.

                  This movie will quite probably make a lot of people motion sick."

                  Bring the barf bags!

                  The trailer sounds cool. I'd heard the low down before but not in so much detail.


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