Jack Black Options ‘How to Survive a Robot Uprising’

Daniel H. Wilson's novel gets picked-up on the same day Steven Spielberg announces he is directing an adaptation of the author's ‘Robopocalypse’.
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Jack Black Options ‘How to Survive a Robot Uprising’

Jack Black and Steve Pink option How to Survive a Robot Uprisingio9 is reporting that actor Jack Black and Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink have optioned the Daniel H. Wilson novel How to Survive a Robot Uprising.

The news comes on the heels that director Steven Spielberg is directing Robopocalypse for a 2013 release, which is another adaptation of a Daniel H. Wilson novel. How to Survive a Robot Uprising was first optioned by Mike Myers, with Reno 911! creators Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant adapting the screenplay.

Only the rights to the novel have been acquired by Jack Black and Steve Pink, so it isn't clear if Black will star in the movie, or if Steve Pink, who is writing a new draft of the screenplay, will direct.

The story is a more humorous look at a robot uprising than Daniel H. Wilson's other andriod novel Robopocalypse. It wasn't clear when this production would get started, but we'll be sure to keep you posted with any further details on both projects as soon as we have more information.

How to Survive a Robot Uprising was released in 2012.


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  • skywise • 5 years ago

    Black used to be someone to watch. I cant tolerate his sense of humor these days. But i love me some robot uprisings...


    • jimthar • 5 years ago

      PASS. i agree with @daveactor7, i also hate jack black.


      • doubler0522 • 5 years ago

        cool, I'm down jack black is to damn funny lmao !!


        • daveactor7 • 5 years ago

          I hate Jack Black.


          • dan1 • 5 years ago

            I want to see Black destroy a robot with a guitar. F*ck yeah 'makes devil horns and headbangs'.


            • cripple • 5 years ago

              @Diaigma, I could go for a movie like that.


              • diaigma • 5 years ago

                Would this be the Zombieland of Terminator or I, Robot? :P


                • instead8909 • 5 years ago

                  I wish Jack would do serous more often, he'll be surprised by the new attention


                  • emmytt • 5 years ago

                    oh great anther movie Jack Black can ruin


                    • narrator • 5 years ago

                      I read the book in my teens. It was amusing. If they actually gave this film a budget (100mil) and a decent director I would see it.


                      • gandoff • 5 years ago

                        Terminator remake, rewrote, and redux with no time travel, but funny.... I like. :D


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