‘Jack Reacher’ Featurette with Tom Cruise

The actor takes us behind-the-scenes of this action-packed adaptation of the popular Lee Child novel, in theaters this December.
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‘Jack Reacher’ Featurette with Tom Cruise

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  • headpsycho • 3 years ago

    In books about his exploits, Jack Reacher is 6ft. 5'' tall. Cruise is what, 5ft 7"? As I noted when that waste of time, Lindsay Lohan was to play a beautiful, classy lady like Liz Taylor, the only choice worse than Lohan was maybe, Whoopie Goldberg, there would only be, one possibly worse choice to play Jack Ryan, and that be Herve Villacheze, Tattoo in "Fantasy Island," and that gentleman is no longer with us, which is why Cruise got the role.


    • dan1 • 3 years ago

      This movie will be bad.


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