‘Jack Ryan’ First Look Photo with Kevin Costner as William Harper

The actor, seen here with star Chris Pine, is playing a loyal patriot who recruits and mentors the future CIA operative.
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‘Jack Ryan’ First Look Photo with Kevin Costner as William Harper

http://movieweb.com/jack-ryan-first-look-photo-with-chris-pine/Yesterday, Paramount Pictures released a first look photo of Chris Pine as Jack Ryan, which was met with yawns of boredom and drew comparisons to the last time Pine was on a motorcycle, for the opening moments of his first franchise reboot, Star Trek. Now, Paramount has decided to offer us a first look at Kevin Costner, who co-stars as William Harper, a loyal patriot who recruits and mentors Jack Ryan to become the CIA operative we know and love from past movies. Here is the photo, which finds Harper and Ryan exiting a helicopter. Happy Labor Day weekend! We hope you find this picture to be more exiting than the last one.

Jack Ryan Kevin Costner Photo

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit was released January 17th, 2014.

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  • artkid04 • 3 years ago

    agreed, but hopefully the movie will turn out to be good


    • mcleve02 • 3 years ago

      This movie is all about releasing unexciting photos....


      • cable9245 • 3 years ago

        My only question.... is Tom Clancy behind any of this?


        • geof36 • 3 years ago

          Great to see Kevin Costner doing some good stuff again! First Hatfields and McCoys and now this and Man of Steel.


          • syndicate • 3 years ago

            What the heck is going on with this Jack Ryan movie. Are they going to follow how Tom Clancy created Jack Ray anymore? What is this Jack Ryan a CIA Analyst, a regular CIA Operation Officer, a CIA Operation Officer in Special Activities Division like Tom Clancy's John Clark, who is Jack Ryan's good friend or Jack Ryan is now a Super Spy like James Bond and Ethan Hunt, which mean it is not even close to the real world type say anymore? So we might have to forget the mix of drama and suspense, the close to the real world type spy movies have. Does Tom Clancy have anything to say about this, this time around? Does he even care at all?


            • skywise • 3 years ago

              I am interested in this project but this photo is bland. But hey, at least it has a chopper....nose...in it.


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