Earlier today, we showed you the first in a series of new posters for Jack the Giant Slayer. Warner Bros. has released four more posters ("Fye," "Foe," "Fumm," and "Fallon") to give fans a closer look at these creatures in director Bryan Singer's 3D action-adventure. Nicholas Hoult plays Jack, who must climb a perilous beanstalk to rescue a princess (Eleanor Tomlinson) from these foul monsters. Fallon appears to be the most gregarious of these giants. Perhaps he is a late-night talk show host in this magical world.

<i>Jack the Giant Slayer</i> Fye Poster

<i>Jack the Giant Slayer</i> Foe Poster

<i>Jack the Giant Slayer</i> Fumm Poster

<i>Jack the Giant Slayer</i> Fallon Poster