Jim Carrey Circles Loomis Fargo

Jared Hess' heist comedy follows four birdbrained southerners, who pull-off one of America's biggest bank robberies.
BYHarout Harmanian | October 15th, 2012
Jim Carrey Circles Loomis Fargo

"Jim Carrey Circles Loomis FargoJim Carrey is in talks with Relativity Media to join Jared Hess' heist comedy Loomis Fargo.

The true story centers on Loomis Fargo armored car driver David Scott Ghannt (Jim Carrey), who puts together a team of boneheaded thieves that pull off one of America's biggest bank robberies. They ripped off more than $17 million dollars only to be caught a short time later.

Jared Hess is directing from a script by Emily Spivey, which was re-written by Jody Hill and Danny McBride. Chris Bowman and Hubbel Palmer are providing the final draft.

Jim Carrey will be seen next in Don Scardino's comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone alongside Steve Carell and Olivia Wilde.

Production is scheduled to begin in North Carolina this April.

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