Johnny Depp Is the Mad Hatter in ‘Alice in Wonderland’?

Tim Burton's next film is set to start shooting this September in Plymouth.
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This is Plymouth has reported that Tim Burton will head to Plymouth, England for two weeks in September to shoot his upcoming live action/performance capture project Alice in Wonderland. Also mentioned in the article is the fact that Johnny Depp is reportedly up for the role of the Mad Hatter.

Next month, two hundred and fifty locals will be chosen as extras for the film. Exact locations for the shoot are being kept secret at this time, but historic properties such as Saltram House, Mount Edgcumbe and the Royal William Yard are being considered worthy of the film's classical nature.

Alice in Wonderland will be released sometime in 2010, and it will be presented in 3D.

Alice in Wonderland was released March 5th, 2010.

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  • teesterx • 7 years ago

    What a great and unusual idea this will be. I can't imagine just how far the boundaries of surrealism will be pushed with Burton and Depp doing this.


    • bostonterrier • 7 years ago

      oh great. I just can't get enough of Johnny Depp. Those two T.B. and J.D. seem to click.


      • vampire2000 • 7 years ago

        I doubt it alot. As one of my friends told me, "He could play Ms. Piggy in The Muppets Go To Mars, and he'd still do a fantastic job with it, and I'd still watch it."


        • sxers2k1 • 7 years ago

          Is their a wrong role for depp?


          • vampire2000 • 7 years ago

            I agree with Kwisatz! Well put The Dude! Burton rules, and just so happens to be my favorite director.


            • the-kwisatz-haderach • 7 years ago

              Well said 'The Dude!'

              This sounds awesome. Burton rocks, his style is great. And Depp keeps kickin ass in everything he does. Bring it.


              • donnieg1015 • 7 years ago

                HOISIN, you obviously dont know his movies. By the way Ed Wood was one of his worst movies. Have you ever taken the time to enjoy some classics?


                Batman. & returns. Doesn't matter that those are before of after but you are just to lame to see a good movie if it hit you in the face.


                • insertusernamehere • 7 years ago

                  Good call, tom :)

                  Oh, and punisher...ur welcome


                  • radimus-83 • 7 years ago

                    i put this into motion when i suggested Depp for the Mad Hatter in the Batman series about 2 months ago!!

                    Damn you Tim Burton *shakes fist


                    • err2005 • 7 years ago


                      johnny dep is great for playing those cartoonish, larger than life type characters, he should do well here.


                      • leo16 • 7 years ago

                        this actually sounds really cool, i would def see this, tons of fun and i could just see myself really high watchin Alice in Wonderland in 3D, thats some crazy sh*t


                        • leo16 • 7 years ago

                          3-D im there


                          • cnote • 7 years ago

                            Could be great, I just hope Mr Burton, doesn't let the Mad Hatter act like that f*cking lame ass character (The new Willy Wonka), which I can see.....


                            • jremyd • 7 years ago

                              Sounds good. but really not surprised about Johnny Depp being casted. Him and Tim Burton pretty much go hand and hand now.


                              • deathstardestroyer • 7 years ago



                                • stiles • 7 years ago

                                  Tim, please PLEASE make an original film!

                                  Apes & Wonka were so bad they detracted from the inspired source material.

                                  You've been under par since Ed Wood.


                                  • pinget-69 • 7 years ago

                                    oh my god! Tim Burton is going to be working with Johnny Depp? that's unheard of! LOL

                                    I'm looking forward to this, Tim Burton is one of my favourite directors - i love the way he is able to darken a story and "Alice in Wonderland" is already dark so this should be good


                                    • flrep07 • 7 years ago



                                      • ramasscreen-com • 7 years ago

                                        First the Riddler and now the Mad Hatter..

                                        Rumors about Johnny Depp playing just about anything must be flattering for the Johnny Depp himself.

                                        all these rumors practically say that he's capable of playing just about any character possible.


                                        • raoulduke33 • 7 years ago

                                          I wonder who they'll get for the Caterpillar? The voice that is, as I'm sure Burton will go with CGI for the classic character.

                                          Tweedledee and Tweedledum = Charlie Day & Rob Mclhenney


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