Jon Landau Reveals More ‘Titanic’ Plans for 3D and Blu-ray Releases

James Cameron's producer recently spoke about 3D and BD plans for the 1997 classic.
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James Cameron's producer recently spoke about 3D and BD plans for the 1997 classic The former box office "king of the world," Titanic, made a return voyage to one Los Angeles theater on Monday night. We took in a screening of the Best Picture winner at the ArcLight theater in Hollywood and producer Jon Landau, who also produced the current box office champion, Avatar, for director James Cameron, participated in a Q&A session after the film.

We recently reported that a 3D re-release for Titanic was being planned for 2012 and Landau revealed they're taking their time with the conversion process.

"We have a different philosophy, when it comes to the conversion of 3D," Landau said. "We look at the conversion process as an artistic process, and not a technical process. We don't think you just throw laborers and technicians at it and turn it out in seven weeks at the end of a schedule. We're going to attack Titanic over the next 18-plus months and really work on it, and have Jim be a part of those conversations. I was with a director recently who had some of their work converted into 3D. I asked, 'How was the process working with them?' He had no idea. It was just presented to him as a technical fix. For us, if you're making a movie today, and you want it to be in color, you don't shoot it in black and white and colorize it. You want a movie to be in 3D, don't shoot it in 2D and convert it."

Although our earlier report revealed that Avatar could include as much as 40 minutes of extra footage, Landau said that he doubted anything would be added to any Titanic re-release.

"I don't think Titanic is a movie we'll add anything to," Landau said. "The last movies that Jim has done, are the movies that he has wanted to present."

Landau also touched on a Blu-ray release of Titanic and it seems that he wants to hold off on a BD release to coincide with the 3D theatrical re-release of the film.

"I would wait a beat on that," Landau said. He added, "If I had my druthers, I would tie it in to around whenever we had the 3D, so we're building up some momentum and some publicity about it and such. If we could capitalize on doing a 3D release and a Blu-ray release at the same time, that would be great."

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further developments on a Titanic 3D re-release and Blu-ray as soon as we have more information.

Titanic was released December 19th, 1997.

Avatar was released December 18th, 2009.

Sources: Brian Gallagher

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  • titanictom • 6 years ago

    Can see this in Hidef Not in 3D-films like spykids or shark boy and lava girl yes.


    • l4zy • 6 years ago

      as long as it prevents piracy...


      • radimus-83 • 6 years ago



        • instead8909 • 6 years ago

          Hollywood only has one brain.

          What's really annoying is HD 3D TV, now that's really annoying.

          Next thing we know Gone With the Wind will be in 3D.


          • felipe-11 • 6 years ago

            Titanic is one of my favorite movies and I don't mind it being converted to 3D (I just want to see it in theaters), but I'll admit 3D itself isn't that great and I hate ALLL of today's movies being turned into 3D, it's annoying, like it's the only thing anyone cares about anymore.


            • moviemaniack1993 • 6 years ago

              Omg I hope they convert Weekend at Bernie's into 3D!


              • rufio • 6 years ago

                3d the gimmick the "Art". Really have no idea how/why Titanic needs to be 3D. i am however looking forward to owning it on Bluray!


                • yahzee • 6 years ago

                  let's all convert to 3D because Avatar made so much because it was 3D, otherwise it would have failed and not made a single buck because 2D films suck no matter how good they are storywise and 3D movies are great because they throw stuff at you.

                  Damn this stupid 3D farce. Make quality films before thinking 3D and do not touch was doesn't need to be touched.


                  • gandoff • 6 years ago

                    This is sad. A great movie is going to be pimped out for more money. 3D still sucks. Now with so many movies going that way due to Avatar, is just another sad, sad moment as a film lover. This is not like Star Wars, where specail effects caught up with what Lucas had in mind for sence. He re-released the movies with new content. Now this movie has no more real sences, but only going to have conversion in to 3D. So there is little that really can be done on a scale of 3D that would be a change. This more then likly will be killed some time later, due to the studio seeing how bad those being converted into 3D now couse of Avatar's success, and how poor they do at the box offices when they come out. But this all is still Sad...


                    • cineprog • 6 years ago

                      I thought James Cameron was against the Conversions of films in to 3D. In a resent interview has a big flop they have to be filmed using 3D Cameras and not the conversions of 3D there not the same, they don't give that depth to the 3D.


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