‘K-11’ Blu-ray and DVD Debut April 23rd

Goran Visnjic and Kate Del Castillo star in this drama about a man who lands in a dangerous section of a Los Angeles prison.
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‘K-11’ Blu-ray and DVD Debut April 23rd

Breaking Glass Pictures and Libertine Films are proud to announce the upcoming Blu-ray (SRP $29.99) and DVD (SRP $24.99) release of Jules Stewart's directorial debut, K-11, a riveting drama that tells the story of a man's plight after winding up in K-11, the Los Angeles County Jail's transgender inmate unit. K-11 is currently screening at select theaters in fifteen cities around the country and is available nationwide on Video On Demand.

K-11 DVD

K-11 stars Goran Visnjic (ABC-TV's new hit series Red Widow, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, ER) as Raymond Saxx, a businessman whose drug use leads him to incarceration in the section of the Los Angeles County Jail reserved for LGBT inmates and firmly under the heel of Mousey (Mexican superstar Kate del Castillo, Under the Same Moon, The Queen of the South, Weeds), a malicious transgendered inmate. Saxx has no idea how he got there -- all he knows is he needs to get the hell out...alive and intact. Aggressive cellmates, corrupt officials and his own issues are just a few challenges he faces with while he pieces together a way out of this entirely new kind of rabbit hole.

Jules Stewart, mother to Twilight star Kristen Stewart, is a lauded script supervisor with over thirty years of experience in Hollywood. In 2010, Stewart formed Libertine Films with her business partner, producer Tom Wright Jr.. K-11 is their first feature. Stewart's next project will be The Locked House, a thriller scheduled for release in 2014.

K-11 also stars D.B. Sweeney (Taken 2), Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks), Portia Doubleday (Kimberly Peirce's Carrie, Youth in Revolt, Almost Kings) and Tommy Lister (The Fifth Element, Jackie Brown). Son Cameron Stewart makes his film debut in K-11 as Sledgehammer, while daughter Kristen Stewart (Twilight, On the Road) makes a special contribution.

The Blu-ray and DVD will come complete with a commentary by Jules Stewart and Tom Wright Jr., deleted scenes, interviews with key cast and crew, a behind-the-scenes featurette, the "My Liberty" music video by cast member Billy Morrison, and a photo gallery.

K-11 was released April 23rd, 2013.

Sources: Breaking Glass Pictures

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  • KATE-DC-MARAVILLA • 2 years ago

    lo unico que me falta conocer un dia à Kate del Castillo y encontrar k-11 en Dvd y tambien todas las peliculas Kate para hacerme mi cinemathéca personnal decirme es que la encontrare en España al menos en Francia pero va ser difficil echan muy poco de Kate ojala que si que sea tambien un exito en Europa España y Francia besoos♥♥♥


    • KATE-DC-MARAVILLA • 2 years ago

      para esta maravilla de pelicula deseo para todos los actores para nuestra kate Del Castillo Jules STEWART Goran Visjnic y todos los actores muchissimos exitos y que sea super Nۡ de las peliculas al nivel Mundial Os deseo todo lo mejor muchos abrazos y besoos♥♥


      • KATE-DC-MARAVILLA • 2 years ago

        kate del castillo en el mas alto de su talento una prestacion magistral kate divina en uno de sus interpretacion la mas complicada kate en esta pelicula una vez mas desmostra su immenso talento una mujer que lo save jugar todo una mujer a multifacetas una mujer cameleon que todo le va una Star exepcionnal digno de las mas grandes estrellas de hollywood y Mundial. El tsunami Kate del Castillo esta en camino de escaladar el himmalaya el monte everest del Cinema esta mujer esta grabando su Nombre con majusculas en el cielo del Universo y de las estrellas kate para este año y los proximos te deseamos que debengas la Super nۡ MUNDIAL DE las ARTISTAS Y Actrices.Esta mujer lo tiene todo belleza, talento , humildad, sinceridad charistmo disponibilidad y siempre ayundado los otros te deseamos mas proyectos muchos mas exitos y jugar con las mas grandes estrellas cenaristas realisadores productores te deseo todo lo mejor.Kate yo y todos los amigos Te queremos te admiramos tendras nuestro appoyo eteranalemente.Gracias por cambiar nuestras vidas I LOVE YOU kate forever♥♥♥♥


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