‘Lawless’ Red Band Trailer

John Hillcoat directs Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clarke as the infamous Bondurant Brothers in this Prohibition-era drama.
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‘Lawless’ Red Band Trailer

Watch a red band trailer for Tom Hardy's Lawless The Weinstein Company has released a red band trailer for Lawless, director John Hillcoat's upcoming drama about the high art of bootlegging liquor. Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, and Jason Clarke star as the Bondurant Brothers, whose illegal enterprise is threatened when Special Agent Charlie Rakes (Guy Pearce) arrives in town unannounced.

CLICK HERE to watch this age-restricted trailer featuring some nudity and one unlucky bootlegger who is viciously tarred and feathered.

Lawless was released August 29th, 2012.


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  • mcleve02 • 3 years ago



    • bawnian-dexeus • 3 years ago

      @narrator That was awesome


      • dan1 • 3 years ago

        @narrator I don't care for Shia, but that's also not going to stop me from seeing the movie.


        • narrator • 3 years ago

          That was fan-f*cking-tastic... spoiler aside, that is. This was a damn good trailer and it definitely looks to be a damn good film. It's unfortunate that it'll be overlooked due to type casting and narrow mindedness.

          A lot of people, deny it all they might, will mock or disregard this film simply because of its lead, which I find petty and imamture. Shia's involvement aside, there isn't a damn good reason for any self respecting film fan not to see this film. Let's count it off, shall we?

          1. The director, John Hillcoat, has had a flawless career thus far, and has been one of the highest acclaimed new talents in the past five years. With The Proposition and The Road, he has been two hard hitting films back to back, and this makes a solid three. He's proven to be unafraid of violence, though he uses it in small doses, when it'll serve the story most. His cuts are often nice and long, and his shots are visceral. While I'd prefer the film's title having remained "The Wettest Country in the World", which may or may not have been his choice, it doesn't affect his promising talent.

          2. The cast is to drool over, with the chameleon's Oldman, Pearce, and now Hardy slamming in some serious acting power to this film. These are not only proven method actors, but actors shown to usually only sign on to projects with good promise. That's a good sign for this film.

          3. Prohibition era films are hardly ever done anymore, and even fewer are actually good. Any genre loving fan can see that this is a chance to see a unique story set in a glossed over time period.

          4. The critics at Cannes, for the most part, liked it. Cannes critics are hard asses, so it's almost guaranteed I'll at the very least enjoy it.

          Now, what reason is there to not want to see this film? Shia LaBeouf? The change in title from something fancy to something corny? The lack of extreme explosions? The period in which the story takes place? Come on, folks.


          • 2movieguys • 3 years ago

            ....With a cast that inclds: Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy, Jessica Chastain,...I'm so far in I can't breath.!I can't wait to see..!


            • kguy • 3 years ago

              Wonderful trailer! The Gangster Squad trailer better take notes on the new trailer and not use freakin Jay Z! lol


              • LordPayne • 3 years ago

                This was the best trailer for it so far. But it also has a big spoiler in it, however I think most people either won't care or won't catch what part im talking about


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