Madchen Amick Set for ‘Priest’

Christopher Plummer and Brad Dourif also join the cast.
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Madchen Amick (Californication) has boarded the cast of the post-apocalyptic thriller Priest, according to Variety.

The film follows a priest, played by Paul Bettany, as he sets on a journey to track down his kidnapped niece.

Amick will play Shannon, the mother of the kidnapped niece.

The film's director Scott Stewart also updated his Twitter page with more casting updates. Christopher Plummer and Brad Dourif have been cast in the film as well. It wasn't clear who both actors would be playing at this time.

The film is slated for an August 13, 2010 release date.

Priest was released May 13th, 2011.


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  • err2005 • 6 years ago

    thanks man.

    good answer.


    • taberjohnson18 • 6 years ago

      Meh. Wait for a trailer.


      • chronic • 6 years ago

        Most probable, read a synopsis or outline of the mahwa and then read the film synopsis.

        The only thing most probably worth seeing this for is Bettany.

        I'm really disappointed that they got rid of the fallen angels and zombies and kept just vampires.

        This project died when Gerald Butler & Sam Raimi left it

        Here is some info on the comic.


        • err2005 • 6 years ago

          @ J A

          so let's say a person is completely unfamiliar with the source material,

          will the film still suck balls from that viewpoint?


          • chronic • 6 years ago

            one the film aint a post apolcayptic thriller....its a horror.

            This film will suck the pope's balls, sorry i'm a fan of the Mahwa, that's what they call a comic/manga in Asia.

            This is so drifted from the source material, its awful.


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