‘Man of Steel’ Action Figure Photos Reveal New Zod and Jor-El Costumes

We also get a better look at Henry Cavill's Superman in these latest merchandising photos from the Zack Snyder DC Comics reboot.
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‘Man of Steel’ Action Figure Photos Reveal New Zod and Jor-El Costumes

Man of Steel is a true reboot in every sense of the word, offering a new take on the iconic DC Comics hero Superman and the characters that inhabit his word. With this revisionist take on the material comes new costumes for all of the key players. While we've gotten quite a few peeks at Henry Cavill's classic red and blue tights, we have yet to get a really good look at Superman's biological father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and the main villain of this adventure, Zod (Michael Shannon). Leave it to the movie's toys to ruin some of the surprise. Here, we have the three main characters seen as action figures from Mattel's Movie Masters series, as well as Funko's Pop! Vinyl Superman and Zod, and a Lego playset that teases the epic showdown between these two Kryptonian warriors. Interesting to note, watch the progression of Zod's facial hair throughout these three sets of toys, as he goes from clean-shaven action figure, to goateed Pop! Vinyl, to full beard and mustache Lego figurine. What sort of strange spoiler are we to cull from this? (And don't even get us started on Jor-El's obscene codpiece.)

Man of Steel Superman Mattel Action Figure

Man of Steel Zod Mattel action figure

Man of Steel Jor-El Mattel action figure

Man of Steel Superman Pop Vinyl

Man of Steel Zod Pop Vinyl

Man of Steel Lego set Photo

Man of Steel was released June 14th, 2013.

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