‘Maniac’ Soundtrack Cover Art Pays Homage to Original Film

Fans can purchase the 16-track album for $10.99, or each individual song for 99 cents on iTunes.
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‘Maniac’ Soundtrack Cover Art Pays Homage to Original Film

The horror remake Maniac, starring Elijah Wood, still doesn't have a domestic release date at this time, although we expect it to arrive some time later this year. Today, the full 16-song soundtrack was released on iTunes, which fans can buy in its entirety for $10.99. Each individual song is also available for just 99 cents. The cover art for this CD has also been released, and it seems they are taking a page from the original Maniac poster. Take a look at the soundtrack art, and compare it with the 1980 Maniac poster. You can CLICK HERE to purchase the soundtrack on iTunes.

Maniac Soundtrack Cover Art

Maniac 1980 Poster

Maniac was released June 21st, 2013.


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