Mary Jane to Be Recast, Villain Identity Spoiler Revealed in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

Shailene Woodley is not returning as Mary Jane, while a major villain gets a makeover in this upcoming sequel.
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Mary Jane to Be Recast, Villain Identity Spoiler Revealed in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

*** Be Warned: Major Spoilers Ahead! ***

Shailene Woodley is not returning to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise As you read this next spoiler filled story from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, keep in mind that our 'Sarah Gadon as Mary Jane Watson' from last week broke 14 hours before the actress confirmed she was in the movie.

Many wrote our initial story off as rumor before taking Entertainment Tonight Canada's word for it. Following the casting confirmation, many sources stated that Sarah Gadon was 100% not playing Mary Jane Watson, and that she is instead taking on a different character that will make an appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 before expanding in The Amazing Spider-Man 3.

This is what we've gathered from our very trusted source, who was on set the last day of location shooting. None of this has been confirmed by Sony Pictures or the filmmakers themselves, so read it as rumor until more comes to light.

Shailene Woodley was given the boot as Mary Jane Watson as early as April. Her footage will not be used in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and the part will be recast. Its doubtful that we'll ever see the completed footage featuring Shailene. Our source confirms that Sarah Gadon was, in fact, cast as the new Mary Jane Watson. It is unclear if that is still the case, or if she is now being relegated to a smaller, unknown role with other actresses now being considered. The various reports that Sarah Gadon is 100% "not" playing Mary Jane could be a smoke screen to keep Shailene Woodley's removal from the franchise from becoming a bigger story. The news might also be floating just to test the waters of reception from fans, to gauge their take on this casting choice.

Anyone who keeps up with superhero movies and leaked casting announcements will know that over the last couple of years, we constantly hear of an actor playing a certain character, only to have everyone, including the actor themself, deny that fact vehemently. 100%. Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger. Marion Cotillard as Talia al Ghul and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Robin in The Dark Knight Rises, and especially Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness all come to mind. Just look at the way Steve Carell lied about his reappearance in The Office as Michael Scott for the season finale.

In this day and age of fast moving socially traded information, taking on certain roles requires an actor to "act" in the media as though they have not taken on a role. Most of the time it's to keep the storyline or elements of the film itself a secret. Here, it's to keep the casting story itself quiet. It appears that Shailene Woodley was miscast, for whatever reason, like Eric Stoltz in Back to The Future. Only, back in 1984, we didn't have the Internet, and no one cared about that movie during the time of production. So we didn't hear about it until after the film was a huge success.

Actors get miscast and recast all the time. The story here gets interesting in the fact that the fan outcry was quite loud. Comment sections and movie blogs were quick to point out that the actress didn't fit the Mary Jane archetype, some very cruelly. She simply wasn't Mary Jane. Fair enough.

After The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 were announced by Sony Pictures last week, it became apparent that the franchise was changing its continuing arc, which meant Mary Jane wouldn't be appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here's what we know as fact. Sarah Gadon will be in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for a few short scenes. Though shooting has wrapped, Sarah Gadon have not yet been filmed.

Shailene Woodley only shot for three days, completing a little over three scenes. She was easy to replace, and if it makes sense for the continuation of the sequels, the recasting might be being blown out of proportion. The actress is very much in demand and is headlining the Divergent franchise. Maybe more Spider-Man movies just don't line up with more Divergent movies. We'll give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt, but then, why not just come right out and say that's what happened instead of saying the character has been moved to another movie. The prettier, easier story is that Shailene Woodley was recast because of scheduling conflicts. Not because she was too unattractive to play Mary Jane. That kind of announcement is a firestorm in a bottle.

Dane Dehaan is Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 With the next part of this The Amazing Spider-Man 2 behind-the-scenes breakdown, we get into some heavy story spoilers. So be warned, we will be revealing the true identity of a major villain.

Stop reading if you don't want to know Major Spoilers!

It sounds like a good move for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to have dropped Mary Jane from its narrative. The sequel as its stands minus Peter's favorite redhead, no matter who ends up playing her, is jam packed with story and characters. As stated above, our source was on set the last day of outside filming on this sequel, and can confirm that Harry Osborn is Green Goblin.

Yes, though we had to wait until Spider-Man 3 to see James Franco as New Goblin, this iteration of the mythos finds Dane DeHaan suiting up as the glider riding genetically altered supervillain during the climax of the film, which will take place at an Oscorp Power Planet.

In an earlier, we gave a pretty good description of what the Green Goblin will look like, and some were worried that Norman, played by the 63 year-old Chris Cooper, might be a little goofy with spiked green hair no matter how cool his black Iron Man-like armor is. Does the fact that Harry is the Green Goblin from the get-go ease your mind at all? Or is that more troubling?

Electro calls the Oscorp Power Planet home in this sequel, and it serves as the source of his great electrically charged super powers. This will be the sight of Gwen's undoing, but as we've reported in the past, what looks to be the iconic death as seen in the comic book will actually be a fake out, with her actual demise coming later in the series.

The film will also contain a post-credit stinger, known as a 'mini-movie', which will lead directly into The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Its not clear at this time who will be included in this scene, or what it will consist of.

What do you think of Harry Osborn being Green Goblin right out of the gate? Do you like this change in the story? And how about that Mary Jane? If the seemingly perfect Sarah Gadon is the second person to be ousted from the role, who'll be next in filling Kirsten Dunst's shoes? And ask yourself this, has all of this information come to us from someone upset over the 'supposed firing' of Shailene Woodley? A close friend? An obsessed fan? A pissed off George Clooney. Maybe...

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released May 2nd, 2014.

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  • Marty-McLean • 2 years ago

    This is complete and utter bullsh*t! Don't believe a word of it!


    • Ian-Parsons • 2 years ago

      of course i dont trust movieweb so wa eva


      • Ian-Parsons • 2 years ago

        so id be completely okay with harry as the goblin, a comic book movie only needs to be accurate to the comics in the way they portray a character. but holy sh*t that costume description.... i was really hoping that the marc webb spidey series wouldnt have costume influence from the dark knight trilogy... i despise those costumes and their heavy influence on superhero costumes since. really hope that costume description isnt true.


        • QuintsSharkShop • 2 years ago

          Can it be worse than the 1st one?


          • comicbookfan • 2 years ago

            Harry's Goblin isn't called New Goblin or New Green Goblin, but simply Green Goblin II. It's funny and stupid how the Raimi Trilogy warped the real versions to audiences everywhere. That said, It's fine with me if they have Harry as the first (or only) Goblin, Norman is on his deathbed anyway, Richard's and Dr. Connor's formula may somehow evolve into Goblin Formula, but all I want is for one of the Gobbie's to kill Gwen, and not as a fake out or whatever MW is posting rumors about, but actually kill her. Send her to her freefall death and Spidey's web attaching to her leg pulling her abruptly out of freefall speed unintentionally snaps her neck. The fans deserve that send off for Gwen. Her story is iconic and needs not to be changed. Some aficionados will be pissed it's not by Norman's doing, but then it must be Harry. The Goblin kills her, this is symbolic to the mythos. Rhino could be set up as a teaser villain in the beginning that Spidey sends to jail, a set up for Electro through the main arc of TASM2 while Harry and Norman's arc play throughout the movie, while Harry goes crazy at the end and kills Gwen, so really 2 villains in the climax. This would work beautifully. Remember Batman Begins, guys. That movie had 5 or 6 villains (though Zsasz was only a cameo), and it worked due to its' pacing of villain arcs. They just can't cram them in like S-M3 they have to rise and fall within the movie and not all at the end.


            • Alejandro-Jefferies • 2 years ago

              NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO!!! Why is it so freaking hard for movie makers to remain faithful to the comic books! I was okay with making Electro African American, and I was okay with the changes to the Rhinos outfit, but come on! Harry doesn't become the new green goblin up until much later in the story. And I know it's wrong to say this, but they have to kill of Gwen Stacy the way it happened originally. I swear if they bring Venom back and mess him up as well, I'm going to...just...NO!


              • Andrew-25810560 • 2 years ago

                This is the longest article with the least bit of information that MW has ever posted.


                • Ryan-Bearish • 2 years ago

                  I am not sure how I feel about Harry being the Green Goblin right from the start. Unless they go in a direction of Harry death leading to Norman turning into the GG. I guess we will have to see how this plays out.


                  • Kill-Bill • 2 years ago

                    This can be good setup for the Norman Osborn GG. Harry gets killed, Norman wants revenge. But this will piss of many fans, I will be one of them


                    • Brendon-Truong • 2 years ago

                      DON"T RECAST WOODLEY!!!!! I think this is a dumb decision to recast Woodley as MJ, she is a talented actress (not to mention an Oscar nominated actress), that could of really added a lot of depth and emotion into that character. I was really looking forward to watching Woodley in this role and it's a shame that she won't be in this franchise.


                      • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 2 years ago

                        Loving the idea of seeing harry suited up and basically Harry going into Oscorp pleading to his Dad, to make him rpoud, saying look i can do this and then it all turns for the worse, great arc i see and feel, and the continuation for the next Amazing Spiderman, and not only this but i feel the next Spiderman will be out as soon as next year, so much is happening i wont be surprised if they start shooting this back to back with the third. Its a wholsesome idea, a great one that could work, and maybe the recasting is good bad, i disliked as the headline is about the decline of a certain actress which upsets and tempers me but thumbs up to the whole idea and villain route and everything else under the sun, getting my spiderman senses tingling.


                        • jasonkat • 2 years ago

                          An idea on who could play MJ..

                          (age might be a factor but heres my list)

                          Spencer Locke

                          Ashley Greene

                          Danielle Panabaker

                          Emma Watson

                          Emma Roberts

                          Alexandra Daddario

                          And Last But Not Least...

                          Lyndsy Fonseca

                          Would be kinda funny if she got to play MJ since she plays kick-ass's gf and he brings up alil story "what's the difference between peter & spiderman?.. spiderman ALWAYS gets the girl. LOL


                          • jasonkat • 2 years ago

                            A... Dane Dehaan looks more like a lizard in that photo than a green goblin, lol

                            B... Whoever gets casted as MJ needs to be a b-c lister, not an A lister. Emma Stone wouldnt be considered a top star in my book. there4, whoever plays MJ should be on the same level as her.

                            C... I never heard of Shailene Woodley til the spider man news poped up about her. She would be considered a perfect fit since shes not a top star, however MJ'S role does not fit her.

                            She however does remind me of another actress... Scout Taylor-Compton.


                            • brandon-scott-todd • 2 years ago

                              Amazing Spiderman was decent, but not great. We fans deserve a great Spiderman film on your fifth go round. No subtlety. Go in a type of Man of Steel direction; epic story, great action, great twist done rightly.


                              • brandon-scott-todd • 2 years ago

                                Well, I kind of expected this. I can't imagine Chris Cooper becoming Green Goblin. Perhaps this report is flawed, but I hope Dehaan is Goblin and that they give him the retro look with a modern take. Unlike Willem Dafoe's Goblin I'd like to see homage payed directly toward the original look of Goblin; the scaly green skin, some purple in the armor, with perhaps hair that resembles a hood or something of that nature. It's Spiderman. Your Sony, you make f*cking Playstation's. Give us an epic film, with epic villains and a Gwen Stacy death to boot and a continuation of the Goblin arc into AMSM3 from her death; putting Parker on a path of revenge. Come on Sony. Like I said you guys are releasing a Playstation 4. At least release a great Spiderman film that's fresh, original, and pays homage directly to the Ultimate and Amazing series'. Please....


                                • Fry-3000 • 2 years ago

                                  I think we should all stop reading these articles. Seems to be rubbing off the shine of what could be a great film.


                                  • shuabert • 2 years ago

                                    This all sounds like nonsense to me, but if it's true the movie sounds even less interesting than it did before.


                                    • superman81 • 2 years ago

                                      Wow this is getting worse and worse by the minute.


                                      • vanboy • 2 years ago

                                        @Ecam94, I agree. Looks weak.


                                        • Ecam94 • 2 years ago

                                          I have no hope for this film. I feel it will be an even greater failure than Spider Man 3 but I may be proven wrong. Not feeling this one guys.


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