Michael Bay to Shoot Scenes for Transformers 3 at Kennedy Space Center

These scenes will be shot in September.
BYEvan Jacobs | May 13th, 2010

"Michael Bay to film at Kennedy Space Centercfnews13 reports that Michael Bay is going to shoot scenes from Transformers 3 at the Kennedy Space Center in September.

Bonnie King, Space Coast Film Commissioner, told Central Florida on Demand that the shoot will last about eight days and take place in early September.

She went on to say that location scouts have visited the area for two to three days at a time, looking at other areas to shoot. These included Patrick Air Force Base; Space Coast Regional Airport, in Titusville; Merritt Island Airport; Lone Cabbage Fish Camp, in Cocoa; and a Cocoa Beach house.

In addition to this, scouts have also checked out some swamps and the nearby woods.

Transformers 3 director Michael Bay also shot scenes for 1998's Armageddon at Kennedy Space Center.

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