Michael Mosley and Kerry Bishe Enter Scrubs

Actors to play medical students on this revamped show.
BYEvan Jacobs | August 20th, 2009

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter actors Michael Mosley and Kerry Bishe have nabbed the final two starring roles on ABC's Scrubs.

These actors will be joining Dave Franco as the new regulars on this longstanding comedy. This season the show will take place in a medical school.

Mosley will play the role of Drew. He is a thirysomething medical student, who is returning to "medical school after a major meltdown 10 years ago when he was a top candidate at Harvard Medical School." He isn't happy about being seen as an elderstatesmen.

Bishe will play the 22-year-old Lucy. She is a first year medical student and the first in her family to go college. She has some trouble adjusting to her new environment.

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