‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Hopes to Reunite Tom Cruise with Director Christopher McQuarrie

The ‘Jack Reacher’ director is producers Tom Cruise and J.J. Abrams' top choice to continue this blockbuster franchise.
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‘Mission: Impossible 5’ Hopes to Reunite Tom Cruise with Director Christopher McQuarrie

Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise may reunite for Mission: Impossible 5 After raking in just under $700 million worldwide with Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol, producer-star Tom Cruise's action franchise is bigger than ever. Paramount and Skydance Productions are currently putting together Mission: Impossible 5, with writer-director Christopher McQuarrie considered the top choice to direct the sequel.

Tom Cruise has been working with Christopher McQuarrie more and more ever since the 2008 historical drama Valkyrie, which Christopher McQuarrie wrote. Tom Cruise stars in the upcoming Jack Reacher, which Christopher McQuarrie wrote and directed. The filmmaker has also provided uncredited rewrites for Tom Cruise vehicles such as All You Need Is Kill and Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Tom Cruise is producing the sequel alongside J.J. Abrams. Nothing will be fully official until Paramount and Skydance bring writers on board to craft the screenplay. It isn't known when the studio plans on getting production started at this time.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation was released July 31st, 2015.


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  • thedude-abides • 3 years ago

    Valkyrie was well-written. I'd be open to see a reunion of sorts between these two, Bird or no Bird.


    • felipe-11 • 3 years ago

      Bring it!


      • petertommaatta • 3 years ago

        Not surprised with that choice. Cruise and McQuarrie also worked together on "The Tourist" when Cruise was attached to star. Chris was doing the rewrite for him before Cruise dropped out to do "Knight and Day". They're also working on "The Champions" with Guillermo Del Toro together, with Cruise producing and attached to star with Chris writing. And don't be surprised if McQuarrie takes over "Top Gun 2" which he wrote a draft for, now that Tony Scott has died.

        They were also seen together, hanging out in London at the Globe and dining. They're pretty good friends. Chris is a pretty smart guy and doesn't buy into all of the BS that surrounds Cruise.


        • thaphoenix • 3 years ago

          I really wanted Bird to return.



          • moviegeek • 3 years ago

            Too bad Bird isn't returning.


            • Roberto-Mata • 3 years ago

              Bring Back the whole cast!!


              • mbrandon11 • 3 years ago

                Bring back John Woo!!!


                • artkid04 • 3 years ago

                  I liked Brad Bird, what he did with MI4 was amazing, but I am looking forward to Reacher, can't wait to see this director in action!!


                  • cripple • 3 years ago

                    Hell yeah. So glad McQuarrie is back in the directing game, The Way of the Gun was incredible, and Jack Reacher looks bad-ass. He is a perfect choice for MI.


                    • bawnian-dexeus • 3 years ago

                      I expected Bird to return. Oh well


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