More ‘Tron: Legacy’ Photos and Concept Art

Joseph Kosinski's sci-fi sequel delves deeper into the cyberworld of Tron, as first explored in the 1982 Walt Disney sci-fi classic.
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Walt Disney Pictures has just released new production photos and concept art from the highly-anticipated movie Tron: Legacy, which will be released in theaters nationwide on December 17. Click on any of these new images below to access either our production photos gallery or concept art gallery for Joseph Kosinski's upcoming movie: Legacy Concept Art Image #1 Legacy Concept Art Image #2 Legacy Concept Art Image #3 Legacy Production Photo #1 Legacy Production Photo #2 Legacy Production Photo #3

Tron: Legacy was released December 17th, 2010.

Sources: Walt Disney Pictures

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  • themime • 5 years ago

    Almost every time I see, hear, read about this Tron Legacy it always reminds me of Anti-viruses....The Mime just don't know why.....


    • asif • 5 years ago



      • doubler0522 • 5 years ago

        Awesome concept pics, love all of them can't to see the movie


        • diaigma • 5 years ago

          Good point, @Err - I too hope they're not counting on "cyber sexy" to get viewers to see it :P


          • err2005 • 5 years ago

            i would comment on the retardedly sexy designs of the female wear, but i am holding onto the hope that this movie will be good enough that it won't seem like they sexed it up just to blind you from how bad the rest of the movie is.


            • soylentgreen2 • 5 years ago

              Epic. Epic hotness.


              • bawnian-dexeus • 5 years ago

                Picture number 2....Id tap that


                • cripple • 5 years ago

                  So pumped for this.


                  • diaigma • 5 years ago

                    Sweetness abounds. This will end this crappy year well. At least here's hope'n :P


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