It's fairly safe to say that the upcoming comedy Movie 43 has one of the biggest, most star-studded casts in recent memory. Relativity Media has debuted six new photos from this massive anthology, featuring a few of these A-list cast members. We're not sure why, exactly, but one of these shots features Jason Sudeikis and Justin Long dressed as Batman and Robin at a fancy restaurant. These pictures also feature Elizabeth Banks and Josh Duhamel in an awkward kissing situation, Naomi Watts teaching class, Hugh Jackman apparently pretending to be choking, Halle Berry at a birthday party, and Richard Gere looking stressed out. We have no idea about any meaning behind these images whatsoever, but check them out and see for yourself.

<i>Movie 43</i> Photo 1

<i>Movie 43</i> Photo 2

<i>Movie 43</i> Photo 3

<i>Movie 43</i> Photo 4

<i>Movie 43</i> Photo 5

<i>Movie 43</i> Photo 6