127 Hours Review

“Every Second Definitely Counts!!! Excellent Movie!! James Franco's Best Work Till Date!!”

February 21st, 2011

You know what...Aron Ralston just taught me that you don't have 127 hours to live.. This film becomes emotionally challenging the moment the tragedy begins!! For a second I thought this movie would not be good but I realized every second was worthy watching!! To be honest I have heard about people challenging their own life & destiny and Inspire our way of living but Aron Ralston is the one man who went beyond the point where one couldn't even have imagined only because it was a matter of survival & he wanted to see his family.. HE AMPUTATED HIS OWN ARM FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!!!!!! =O It's a standing ovation for a man like Aron who has taught me that you don't need to lose hope & in some cases you just have to take the matter in your own hands like he did.

I don't need to say much about the story or script as the true inspiring story of Aron Ralston itself is a valuable lesson!!

Yes coming to Direction, Danny Boyle presented the movie in one hell of a way!! The camera angle, the location,the emotions everything kept me on the edge of my seat!!

James Franco did one hell of a great job in honoring Aron Ralston in his best performances ever till date!!

Summing it Up.. I personally recommend watching 127 hours. A highly anticipated movie in honor of Aron Ralston & for sure you'll look life in a different way once you get through with it!! & I mean it!!


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