1408 Review

“... Surprisingly Fleshed Out For A Horror Film.”

May 26th, 2011

I never expect much going into a Stephen King adaptation as a good one is the exception rather than the rule. 1408, however, is more reminiscent of the Shining than anything else, and that's a good thing. This time, it's not an isolated old hotel that seeks to make the protagonist crazy but a single hotel room. This reminded me a lot of Silent Hill 4 in its isolation and pure psychological terror. John Cusack gives a great leading performance as a character who is surprisingly fleshed out for a horror film. I expected more of Sam Jackson, but his character has only a couple of scenes and most of this film is about Cusack battling his demons. I kept wondering where the movie would go philosophically, and in the end it was more to do with bringing Cusack's character's arc to a fitting close than to really explore an underlying theme.Swedish director Mikael Håfström. has a talent for this type of film and creates some great moments of tension and shock.

Ultimately it is not truly memorable, but works better than most of the genre.

There are two endings to this film, neither of which I will spoil. The ending I saw was apparently the original ending that is added to the DVD. I read the theatrical ending and can safely say it gives the film no closure and would have gotten a lower rating from me. See the original ending if you can.


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