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For the past 12 months, DEA agent Bobby Trench and U.S. naval intelligence officer Marcus Stigman have been reluctantly attached at the hip. Working undercover as members of a narcotics syndicate, each man distrusts his partner as much as the criminals they have both been tasked to take down.

When their attempt to infiltrate a Mexican drug cartel and recover millions goes haywire, Trench and Stigman are suddenly disavowed by their superiors. Now that everyone wants them in jail or in the ground, the only person they can count on is the other. Unfortunately for their pursuers, when good guys spend years pretending to be bad, they pick up a few tricks along the way.

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EXCLUSIVE: 2 Guns Deleted Scene 'What Comes Around Goes Around'
Mark Wahlberg breaks into Denzel Washington's home in this never-before-seen moment. The action-thriller debuts on Blu-ray and DVD November 19.
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Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg star as two undercover agents who must work together. The action thriller debuts on Blu-ray and DVD November 19th.
2 Guns Blu-ray and DVD Debut November 19th
Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington star in this action-thriller about two undercover operatives who team up to clear their name after a heist gone wrong.
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Plus, we're giving away a T-shirt and hat from this hard-hitting action thriller starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: 2 Guns Steals the Weekend with $27.3 Million
The Wolverine drops to second place with $21.7 million, with The Smurfs 2 opening in third place with $18.2 million.
BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will 2 Guns Outgun The Smurfs 2?
Or will last weekend's winner The Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman repeat atop the box office once again?
2 Guns Red Band Trailer
Baltasar Kormakur directs this intense action-thriller centering on two rival undercover agents who must find a way to work together.
2 Guns International Trailer, 6 Clips and TV Spot
Director Baltasar Kormakur's action-thriller follows two undercover agents who must work together to find out who double-crossed them.
2 Guns Featurette
Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton and director Baltasar Kormakur take us beind-the-scenes of this action-comedy, in theaters August 2nd.
Two 2 Guns TV Spots with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg
Baltasar Kormákur is directing this action thriller about two rival operatives, who are forced to unknowingly work together.
2 Guns Trailer Starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg
Baltasar Kormakur directs this action-thriller about a DEA agent and a naval intelligence officer who are forced to work together.
2 Guns Set Photos with Denzel Washington
Production is under way in New Orleans on this thriller about a CIA agent and a naval intelligence officer being set up by the mafia.
Edward James Olmos Boards 2 Guns
The actor will portray a Mexican drug lord in Baltasar Kormakur's crime drama starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington.
Paula Patton Considers Female Lead in 2 Guns
The actress will appear alongside Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in this action thriller.
Denzel Washington Joins 2 Guns
Mark Wahlberg also stars in Baltasar Kormakur's thriller about a DEA agent and an undercover naval officer investigating each other.
2 Guns Aims for Director Baltasar Kormakur
Mark Wahlberg will reteam with his Contraband director for this thriller about a DEA agent and a naval officer that have both stolen money from the mob.
Mark Wahlberg Takes 2 Guns
The actor will headline this action tale based on the Steven Grant graphic novel for Universal Pictures.
David O. Russell Directing 2 Guns
The Fighter director is in talks to direct Vince Vaughn in this Universal crime comedy about two lawmen who get duped by the mob.
Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson to Shoot 2 Guns
The Wedding Crashers co-stars might re-team for the Blake Masters-scripted buddy-cop film.
Blake Masters Set for 2 Guns
The Brotherhood creator is set to adapt the crime thriller graphic novel for Universal.
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